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Mayor urges traders to light up Torit town

By Ijoo Bosco


Torit mayor has called on the community to prioritize lighting up the town in order to address rising incidences of criminal activities.

Speaking at a meeting with businesses community, Albino Zachariah said that Torit town has gained a reputation for being in darkness, making it susceptible to theft and burglaries.

“We are calling upon you the business community and the citizens of Torit to stand with us. Tori town has become of the darkest town in our time. We have to change the image,” he said.

He said most parts of the town are dark coupled with the increased crime rates.

He said, “It is crucial that we change this perception and improve the overall image of Torit compared to other towns in South Sudan.”

The chairperson of Chamber of Commerce, Lily Hidita, expressed dissatisfaction with the current power supply.

She said that power provider has failed to meet the needs of the business community and the municipal council.

Hidita urged the council to explore alternative solutions and seek a more reliable power company to ensure Torit remains adequately illuminated, throughout the day.

She said the current power supply is insufficient.

The limited hours of electricity provided do not meet the demands of the business community. “We need to lobby for a more efficient power company that can provide 24-hour electricity to meet our requirements,”

Sansa Moses, chairperson of Ugandan business community in Torit town, suggested that the municipal council considers adopting an affordable policy format from neighboring towns or even from other states.

Moses encouraged the community to replicate successful projects implemented in sisterly states to improve the infrastructure in Torit.


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