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August House short of commitment

At a critical moment when citizens expected the parliament to concentrate on serious matters, the August House closed for recess, leaving the nation at stake.

Over three months as the country runs enflamed of inflation, citizens choking of unbearable commodity prices, the Assembly opens only to close due to an error and a holy festival.

As the English say, “Time lost is never regained”, but somebody, somewhere, seems, either not serious or lacks commitment to duty.

The national legislative assembly reopened on Wednesday last week, how comes, amidst plenty of time, the clerks and committees were unable to pass through the minutes to formulate an agenda for the second sitting?

An error in the agenda of the supposed Monday session, the first since its inauguration last week, cast much double on the commitment of the house employees.

The nation is undergoing through trying moments where citizens are eager to hear a Parliamentary resolution on the biting issue and delays only prolong their anxiety.

Citizens need the position of the Parliament on the address of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, to the nation during the opening session of the Assembly.

In his speech during the inauguration of the National Legislative Assembly, the president said current economic woes are due to overdependence on oil proceeds and calls for an agricultural revolution.

How long will the House of Debate, in its mark-timing motion, reach a tangible outcome?

Monday’s aborted sitting, after deliberating on the speech of the president, would then take on two other pertinent agendas, which eventually failed.

A presentation on the ratification of the framework agreement of the Nile Basin Initiative, and a motion on illicit lumbering in Morobo County, could not be debated over negligence.

December isn’t far from now, yet numerous issues pertaining to the conduct of elections are not handled. Unless the August House commits to extraordinary sittings, it’s hard for time to be our ally.

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