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Rising from a thousandaire to a millionaire is not a one-day thing

No one hates money. It is everyone’s wish to have money. Not just money, but huge money. Of course, that lump sum of money that earns one a title. No one hates money, I repeat. The biggest problem with money is that the road going to money is so tiny, rough, crooked and uphill.

Every year, a data of people who have perished on their way to the City of Money is collected and it is astonishing to hear the report. This makes it hard to reach money. Despite the tragic journey, nearly all people still want to travel to the City of Money.

If you want to have money, do not look for the physical money. Look for what is bought with money so that people come to buy it from you. If you want the physical money, you may become a bank robber or a money-forger and this will reduce your life expectancy to a figure close to 30.

It is wise for one to produce an idea and sow it. Once it germinates, one should keep an eye on it until it is harvested. Once harvested, people now come to buy it from you. For the first time you take your idea to market for sale, you may be lacking a business tongue, what they call a sweet tongue. A tongue that attracts customers.

So, your idea may not have more customers to buy it. Up to three rounds of harvest, you may still be a thousandaire. Now as an experienced seller of an idea, you have a quality idea and a sweet tongue that attracts customers. Your business becomes booming and you begin to rise slowly.

As nationals buy your idea, they pass the message day in, day out. Soon, the message engulfs the country and you become what they call the Nose of the Business. Here, you have already risen from a thousandaire to a millionaire or even a billionaire.

It is not hard to rise from a thousandaire to a millionaire. The only problem is that a majority of people want to get rich overnight. This is a dangerous form of richness. It makes people suffer from Sudden Wealth Syndrome. It is like a lottery. Winners of lottery become mentally disturbed as early as that same day they win the lottery.

When you rise from a thousandaire to a millionaire overnight, you will either fall from a millionaire to a thousandaire the following day or succumb to the consequences of sudden wealth syndrome. To put it in another way, the wealth you acquire without sweat goes away in the same fashion you acquire it.

Wealth that has no explanation is more toxic than poverty that has an explanation. If you work hard, trying to rise from a thousandaire to a millionaire, but wealth does not come, do not force it. Maybe your younger brother or your own son is the one chosen to get wealth. If you force it, you may not enjoy it to the end.

What has quality and durability takes time. Slowly by slowly, the tortoise arrives at the sea. Take your time as you work on your wealth-acquiring dream. Hurry has no blessing. If you hurry, you may crush and if crush, you may leave your dream unachieved. Quotes are not called quotes for nothing. They are proven phrases which have an impact on people’s lives. So, take the quote “patience pays” and live by it.

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