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School staff in makeshift over lack of proper structure

By Jino Wilson


Head Teacher of Itingi Primary School, Mr. Bosco Loboi Anthony, is appealing for financial assistance to construct an office block for teachers.

In an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, he highlighted the challenges faced by the school, including the lack of office space and latrines for both teachers and learners.

Pupils and teachers at Itingi primary school, in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria state face difficulties in conducting lessons, especially during the rainy season where activities are frequently interrupted.

“As you can see the nature of this structure, this is where we are doing lesson planning. When it rains, activities work is interrupted, and this forces us to enter into the classroom where learners are attending class. Our conditions of lack of office space made us mix up with learners during the rainy season,” explained Mr. Loboi.

Expressing his concerns about the ongoing interruptions and challenges, Mr. Loboi called on the Ministry of Education to address their needs promptly.

“I wish the Minister of Education could visit schools in South Sudan to see how some schools are actually operating. Although Budi County was hosting the movement during the civil war, none of the government officials could remember to construct for us a permanent structure in the memory of Late Dr. John Garand, instead, they minded their stomachs first forgetting grassroots Communities,” the head teacher lamented.

In addition to the lack of an office block and school latrine, Mr. Loboi also highlighted the shortage of school seats and storage facilities.

“As you can see with your eyes, look around, there are no chairs for learners, there is no store for the school to keep any food, there is no school Latrine. It’s hard for teachers to ease themselves when nature tells them they should go. We are forced to practice open defecation which were not supposed to do. Learners too are always going to the bushes to ease themselves. If my message can be heard out there, it can be of great help to the school and to the entire population,” he stressed.

Mr. Loboi appealed to education sector partners to support Itingi Primary School.

He also urged the county authorities to prioritize areas that require immediate attention rather than ignoring the pressing challenges faced by the community.

A concerned citizen who chose to remain anonymous criticized the Ministry of Education for its lack of visits to schools in remote villages.

She urged the County Director to regularly visit schools and familiarize himself with the situation.

“You cannot stay in the office from January to the end of the year without visiting schools and listening to challenges confronting teachers and their learners. How do you know their problems, how do you know their demands,” she said.



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