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Why have mind, eyes, ears, legs, hands and mouth without a work!

We have a mind to think of work. God created each one of us with a logical mind. The main work of our mind is to think of what to do.

Do we have time to think of what to do? Or we keep complaining, blaming others that they don’t give us work? It is you and I to think of work. What is your plan for life? Many of us who think we are very religious think it is God to plan for our lives. No, God does not plan for our lives, but He gives us counsel on our plans for life. It is in our minds that we work.

We have your eyes to see work. I strongly argue that God gave us eyes just to see opportunities for our lives. If we don’t use our eyes to see the chances we have for work, it means we are abusing our eyes. If we think it is others to see opportunities for us, then why do we have eyes? We must not have eyes which we don’t use for the purpose they were given to us. It is our usual empty talk that we don’t have what to do. But are we honest to say that when we have many chances for work, which we don’t see, maybe because we are ignorant? Our eyes function for work.

What do we think we have our ears for? The main reason we have ears is to hear an opportunity being announced! Opportunities are announced everywhere, but do we give a listening ear to them? When people speak about an opportunity for work, what do we do? I know the majority of us close our ears for opportunities. We only open our ears for backbiting, gossiping, speaking against the government, accusing people and many other useless things. How can we work when we don’t have time to give our ears for work?

Have you ever asked yourself why we have two legs? My readers must take this very seriously! We know a work doesn’t have legs. It can’t look for us. But this is our talk of the day.  There is no work. People are corrupt. They only give work to their relatives. My friend, why can’t we be honest? If we don’t look for work, will the work which doesn’t have legs come for us? I graduated from the college in 2018. I had to move from school to school in Juba till I got a school to teach! Some of my colleagues who were waiting for work to look for them remained unemployed.

Work will never look for us. We must look for the work. Yes, people say, “A person of value doesn’t look for work, but work looks for him/her. That might be true, but how do we know you have value when you don’t even move to us? A person of value will have to move and advertise his/her value. Why do we advertise our valuable goods? It is because our customers can’t know we have the goods when we don’t let them know. We must let people know of our skills and knowledge. They won’t just know we are skilful or knowledgeable if we don’t advertise for them. Our legs must take us to work.

A miracle! We have hands! But why have hands? My people, we must thank the Creator for giving us hands for work.  By nature, any work must be done using our hands. The only blessed work for man from the creation is the work of Agriculture. For thousands of years, humanity has been depending entirely on our Agriculture. Any work requires the power of our hands.

But to be sincere, are we using our hands as intended by the Creator? Do we have farms somewhere? Are we doing any physical work somewhere?  My South Sudanese friends who think work is employment, do you think you are right? The majority of us vainly complain that there is no work in South Sudan. We are very wrong. We just didn’t understand what work meant. Work is not working for NGOs or Companies where you don’t do any physical thing.

Working for NGOs is working as a slave if I can term it that way. You don’t have your full freedom. You are not your own boss. You are under the strict rules of another person. Your liberty is bought by the dollars they give you and can do anything they decide for you. Will you reject it? I doubt whether you will! Do you want to die as a slave? Do you want to live under someone’s rules for life? Why can’t you just use your hands to create a job for yourself?

I know we say we are very educated and the only jobs for us are white-collar jobs. Yeah, we have the right to think that way because we are so ignorant. We went to school but didn’t learn the truth about work. We don’t go to school to be given white-collar jobs! White-collar jobs are temporary! We go to school to learn some skills which can help us create jobs for ourselves. I know many graduates outside there who are sitting waiting for white-collar jobs. They have been sitting in some places in Juba town only criticizing the government for not employing them. They think they are educated for criticism! I pray for my educated individuals. Please, I think we need to go to school and get more education. We must do any work. Let’s use our hands to bless our lives. Begging is not completely good for a graduate. See, my friend, we are smart and strong. Why should we choose dependency when we can use our hands and become independent? We are not working today just because we are ignorant of using our hands to work.

Thank God we have mouths! Can we work without the ability to speak? Do we know how we use our mouths to get what to do? Many of us are weak in this. We only know how to abuse with our tongues without knowing how we can bless ourselves with our tongues. Do we have communication skills? Don’t we know that the power in spoken words is greater than the power in an atomic bomb? Words are powerful. They bless or curse. They give us work or make us lose work.  I don’t know whether it is in our blood as Africans. We honestly don’t know how to talk. You go to your employer and speak as if you are the employer. We are rude and wild. We behave like lions. Who can give work to a lion?

We shouldn’t forget! Most people who get big positions in organisations or companies are people who are able to speak! We can’t even express ourselves in English. And we think we should be employed? The success of any work is in the effectiveness of communication in that work.  Even to some employers, you don’t know how you can talk to your employees. Your workers don’t respect you because you are rude and lion-like. People respect those who respect them and treat them with care. We must not assume work as employers to mistreat our workers by the way we talk to them. We must speak with grace to have a successful work- done.

Work is sweet! Work grants us freedom. Work makes us, bosses. Work gives us liberty. Work enlightens our path to prosperity. Work makes us rich. Work makes us, humans. Work reveals our purpose for living. Work teaches us to be kind. Work makes us love others. Work makes us give a helping hand to the poor. Work gives us confidence. Work makes us live stress-free. Work heals our souls. Work builds our muscles. Work gives us happy families. Work drives us to our life destinies. Work gives us the right partners. Work helps us raise good children. Work shows that we are obedient children of God. Work is a blessing to us, but not a curse! AND NO WORK WITHOUT THE PROPER USE OF OUR MIND, EYES, EARS, LEGS, HANDS AND MOUTH!

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