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Dear youth, tomorrow is not far

Leaders of tomorrow, backbone of the country, future leaders, sowing seeds, and many other references. In either reference, youth are the candles that the elders use to consume the darkness. 

Youth are the walking sticks that the elders use against kinetic imbalances. Youth are the voice and defence of the country against external aggressions. Youth are the peacemakers as they neutralize the rivalry that politics creates among politicians.

Why do I say all this? I say all this to motivate and stimulate youth to remain vigilant as tomorrow nears. It dismays tomorrow to see its owners belating in preparation and makes it inform other tomorrows to push and push and push still, without coming to ultimate.

The meaningfulness of tomorrow’s leaders can be secured when youth work for elders, instead of working against the elders. To broaden this satisfactorily, the relationship between elders and youth is like the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

When the Old Testament was written, it was written in subject to future corrections and with an honour to young hallows.   When the New Testament was written, a few authors of the Old Testament, together with the honoured future saints participated in its writing and came out with the statement that “the New Testament gets its root from the Old Testament and the Old Testament gets fulfilled in the New Testament”.

It is this last statement I quote and use to refer to the relation between elders and youths. To make it perfect and more understanding, with elders, whom the youth refer to as today’s leaders, the youth, whom the elders refer to as the leaders of tomorrow may have no clear path to their tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an important day that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders should sit around one peaceful table to design in a manner that may not drag it into future hardships.

Dear youth, how far is tomorrow that you are not seen inheriting all it takes for a bright tomorrow? What tomorrow holds for today’s youth is failure, not originating from them but originating from the people they have an undeniable right to share a table of design with and have a say when the designers of tomorrow are going astray.

Dear youth, if you abandon your tomorrow to get prepared only by today’s leaders, what comes into the minds of quick-understanders is nothing but the worry of jeopardy awaiting the subsequent generations.

But the truth remains that it goes wrongly prepared at the watch of the youth representatives who are sometimes called to participate in the crafting of tomorrow.  But because these representatives are sure that there will be no other new dawn for South Sudanese, they work as if they have once aged, but had their ages reduced to favour them represent youth.

The status quo of youth in their own affairs now predisposes tomorrow to a lot of reparations and uncertainties, including who should lead now and who should reserve for next tomorrow. It is not too late for youth to get prepared now to welcome their tomorrow with all it takes to make it shine. Better late than never. There is no better day than the day following today.

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