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As we mourn Agnes Waron, who died in a land dispute at Hai-Mauna, her brutal murder epitomizes the cruelty, bereaved families face after demise of a man. 

Government must protect widows, widowers and orphans against monster relatives who mercilessly loot bereaved families bare of property, robbing them of their rights and dignity.

Depriving bereaved families of property after death of the breadwinner, is a treacherous practice that must not only be condemned but banned by law and culprits prosecuted.

Most African cultures perpetrate such dehumanizing practices of grabbing property of a deceased relative, especially, when a man dies, without any consideration for his wife and children.

Instead of contributing resources to help the bereaved, relatives of a deceased man concentrate on looting his assets, leaving the family in dire situations.

The National Constitutional Review Commission and the National Parliament must expedite land act and ensure rights of widows, as family heads after demise of the hubby, is well spelt to avoid butchery of mothers.

Despite lack of clarity of the land Act, the Bible states forbids grabbing the property of a deceased relative, let alone shifting land boundaries against a widow and orphans.

However, suppose the perpetrators put on the shoes of the deceased, how would their spirits feel on witnessing the suffering of their children and wives?

Practically, we must accept to deal with our personal deficits without the need to deprive family of the dead and get rich out of property of a deceased kin.

For peace, never loot the dead.



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