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Communities responsible for youth’s mischiefs-Bishop

By Ijoo Bosco


Catholic Bishop of Diocese of Torit has pointed fingers at communities for their role in influencing young people towards harmful activities that tarnish the image of youth.

Bishop Emmanuel Benedinoh Lowi Napeta made these remarks during the opening of the Catholic Youth Conference held in Torit last week.

Acknowledging the importance of youth in society, Bishop Lowi said that they are the most vibrant, effective, and hopeful leaders of today.

He highlighted the significant contributions made by young people, both within the church and in society at large.

The bishop also stressed the responsibility of the church and society to empower and support the youth.

Drawing attention to the need for investment in youth, Bishop Lowi expressed concern that young people who lack guidance and a clear vision for their future can easily be led astray.

He attributed the chaotic behavior seen among some young people to a lack of self-awareness and proper guidance from the community.

The bishop emphasized the importance of providing young people with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions and steer their lives in a positive direction.

The Catholic Youth Conference, saw participants from all parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Torit, representing the Western, Eastern, and Central deaneries.

The conference aims to empower young people by helping them discover their potential and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Bishop Lowi compared young people to individuals standing at a crossroads without knowing which path to take. He emphasized that once they have a clear sense of direction and purpose, they can make informed choices and focus on their goals.

He highlighted the consequences of youth who lack self-awareness, emphasizing that they can contribute to instability within the community.

The Catholic Church aims to address these challenges by providing platforms such as the youth conference to empower young people and guide them towards a brighter future.

The official opening of the youth conference in Torit marked the beginning of a series of events designed to inspire and encourage the Catholic youth in their personal and collective growth.


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