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Man killed in Imehejek cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco


Authorities in Imehejek Administrative Area reported the death of an armed youth during a cattle raid on Sunday evening.

The area’s chief administrator, Mathew Oromo, disclosed that the incident occurred when the youth was returning his cattle to the town headquarters after grazing.

According to Oromo, the attackers believed to be from Kapoeta North County, made off with the deceased’s cattle, an AK47 machine gun, and a cell phone.

Oromo called upon officials in the area to engage with the youth and discourage such criminal activities.

He further urged the youth in Eastern Equatoria to reject criminal behaviour and instead focus on combating the looming hunger crisis in the state.

He described the sequence of events leading to the youth’s death, highlighting the initial gunshot, the theft of the victim’s belongings, and the subsequent pursuit by community members.

Oromo also mentioned previous incidents of raiding and killing, expressing frustration at the lack of effective coordination with counterparts in Kapoeta North.

He emphasized that despite informing the administration about clashes in the bush last month, no actions were taken.

The administrator further revealed that the raiders had taken advantage of the community’s preoccupation with agricultural activities, exploiting the reduced attention given to livestock management. Oromo noted that the raiders typically arrived in groups of four to six individuals and then dispersed into various areas, including Lopit.


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