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The great Bible orator, Jesus Christ once hinted to his disciples a parable about a farmer who sowed good seed in his garden but at night, the devil added weeds too.

In analogy, government constructs roads for development purposes but there are those intrinsic to frustrate such efforts by inflaming insecurity. This is bound to happen along our highways.

As we cheer construction of Juba-Bahr el Ghazal highway, and anticipate the government to take on others too, but what do we prepare to use it for, to benefit positively?

Most common, when roads become better, movements faster and travelling shortened, crimes also get sophisticated.

Cattle raiding, traditional which used to be done on foot, changes to use of vehicles to transport their booties far and faster to evade interception by security. The use of mobile phone even makes it more clandestine to coordinate in a manner, none is able to detect.

Those intrigue to revenge, become very slick and swift to escape through the roads meant to transform the lives of citizens for the better.

Another toxic category, bent to misuse the good roads is the type who travel long distances to cause financial headaches to the urban relatives.

Lest to our knowledge, until COVID-19 was unveiled, wealth could easily be gained in the rural areas which are blessed with natural resources, while the urban utilised it.

Travelling from villages to towns to trouble relatives for money must be criminalized because such a person causes once blood pressure to rise and at times lead to death.

Every mileage of the 380-kilometer, Juba-Terekeka-Rumbek highway is wealth that the community must begin to plan, how to use it for positive gains before the devil hijacks our thoughts.

Good roads also induce drivers to overspeed, hence causing accidents, which are equally sources of insecurity, as deaths sometimes occur to the community and travelers. Speed kills.

The youth should take a lead in developing projects that will enable productive use of the roads, than selfish individuals taking advantage to mislead them into destructive acts.


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