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Is South Sudan National Youth Union a lift to the RT-GoNU?

When something is done twice or more, it becomes a culture. People begin to incorporate it into their ways of life and believe in it. South Sudan National Youth Union is a youth body which coordinates the affairs of youth with the government.

It makes sure youth are capacitated to stand on their own feet. In fact, it shoulders a plethora of responsibilities for youth. When a convention is being held for the election of its executives, it no longer becomes a youth union, but it becomes an elder’s union. Elders interfere with its democratic process and bring a youth of their choice to lead the union.

Throughout the 4-year tenure, the union does what is in the best interest of the elderly people and, not the youth. For all this long, youth have been yearning for an answer to why the chairpersons of the South Sudan National Youth Union do not serve the purpose of youth. Now, it is as clear as crystal. The answer is provided and proved beyond doubt.


When Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu was the Chairperson of the South Sudan National Youth Union, he served youth as if he was promised to be appointed as a national minister on a condition that he should serve the interests of elders in the government. His political affiliation was clear while he was required to be neutral at that very moment because he was serving youth hailing from different political affiliations.

His attempts to meet prominent politicians were more than his attempts to write project proposals which would provide opportunities to youth. When he stepped down, he was appointed as a national Minister of Youth and Sports.

This sketched a blurred picture in the youth’s minds that whoever leads the union is just a kilometre away from attending the Council of Ministers’ meetings as a national minister or chairing a Council of Ministers’ meetings as a Governor in the state.

It was not yet clear. When Hon. Gola Boyoi Gola was a presidential candidate for South Sudan National Youth Union, the same game which was played for Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu to win elections was also played for him to win elections. Those who were competing with him will never forget that moment, that very moment when they were phoned by unknown voices and forced to decline in favour of Gola Boyoi.

A few who refused to decline ran as fast as their legs could take them. Some fled to neighbouring countries and others joined the SPLMIO in the bush for safety. Gola Boyoi was too manipulated by those who think they are more South Sudanese than others.

Despite manipulations from hither and thither, Gola Boyoi tried his best to augment the opportunities for youth although such opportunities were grasped by youth who never get satisfied. You could see one youth travelling abroad for training more than three times while other youth have never travelled anywhere for training.

During Gola’s tenure, 240 students from the University of Juba were sponsored by the Trinity Energy Company Ltd. I was one of the college associations’ chairpersons who went to the premises of the Trinity Energy Company to receive a bank cheque worth SSP 10 million. An appreciation should be given where it is due. Thanks, Hon. Gola Boyoi.

When Gola Boyoi stepped down, he was appointed as a Chief Administrator of Pibor Administrative Area before he had even overseen the elections of his successor and handed over office to him/her. This has made the blurred picture so clear that whoever leads South Sudan National Youth Union wins a ticket to the RT-GoNU.

I tell you, this year’s elections will be too competitive because the next chairperson expects to win a ticket to RT-GoNU when he steps down. The advantage is that chairpersons will not overstay in power as they serve the union when their hearts are somewhere. But the disadvantage is that chairpersons will not serve youth, they will serve prominent politicians and close cohorts to the president.

The union will never be for youth anymore as it was the case before. Politicians will always compete to bring their good boys by hooks or crooks to lead the union. This will divide politicians themselves and divide youth as well. People will live in pieces and the achievement of the common goal becomes easier said than done.

This is an abuse of democracy stipulated in the constitution. Youth should be allowed to practice democracy as they prepare to take over the country tomorrow. It is not bad to appoint a SSNYU’s Chairperson, but the appointment of two chairpersons “in a row” is instilling a belief in the minds of youth that the union is a lift to a ministerial or gubernatorial position.

Thanks for reading “Sowing The Seed Of Truth”.

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