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Police calls for public support to curb insecurity

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto


National Police Service urges the public to cooperate with law enforcement officers in order to reduce rates of crimes in Juba City.

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, national police spokesperson made the call while briefing the media on crime rates in the country.

According to his report on the city, crimes are high in hotspots like Gumbo, Nyakuron, and Shirkat which harbours hard cores.

“There are these places where they like staying, but they are slippery,” he added.

The police spokesperson said they have deployed officers in different areas across the city and in the suburbs to protect the lives and properties of residents.

“Yes, I always brief my fellow police officers to be deployed in different areas that have these criminals,” he said.

The police spokesman also advised commercial motorcycle riders, known as boda-boda, to avoid transporting people to locations identified as danger areas.

He urged riders to be conscious of suspected criminals who camouflage as clients asking for a ride.

“The first thing is that you should know the type of people you are carrying because these people pretend to be passengers, and others follow you from behind and take you to a dark place,” he cautioned.

Maj. Gen. Daniel, however, urged members of the public not to consider the police as enemies but rather, as people mandated to maintain law and order in society.

“My appeal to the community is that we need to corporate with them; in any criminal activity, they should always alert us; we have the toll-free number,’’ he added.

There have been reports on the rise of attacks and killings of boda-boda riders by gunmen in Juba in the past three months.




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