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Never attempt to dive when you fail, life has no referee

In football, diving sometimes awards diver a ball but the story takes a different course in life. It happens in football because a diver and referee are two different people, but in life, a diver is the diver and the referee at the same time, making it hard for judgement to be fair.

However often you dive in chasing success, you will never hear a whistle being blown to penalize the one who knocked you down, because life is a ball, I mean a journey of self-discovery.   You will see left, right, backward and forward and find that, no one is standing with a yellow or red card to give to that person who pawled you. As such, all you can afford is to rise up and embark on your journey once again.  Unless otherwise you are injured severely, that is when you will remain down to seek for an assistance.

In life, if you want what is alluring the most, then it is failure, and that is why many people fail and only a few succeed. In your struggle for success, what only follows you is failure, and that is why one successful person walks with a million failures.   Life never gives you a guarantee at first for you to chase it, but you have to assure yourself with commitment and consistency for you to succeed. Self-assurance is of central importance in dealing with matters of life because it represents an oath that you would have taken if people were to be sworn in first before they embark on their journeys of life.  It keeps one going.

Every time you make a stride, it reminds you to accelerate in order to reach as quickly as possible. Here comes another obstacle in life and this obstacle is “resting”.   You never know failure was a few miles away from you and when you pause to take some rest, getting up to resume the journey becomes difficult as failure tricks you to rest more and more, thus leading to your resting forever.

Keep journeying although you are watching the towers of your destination because people say a wild animal ambushes people at their backyards. Hence, failure may ambush you at your backyard when all you have in your mind is how to celebrate your struggle for success, but unfortunately you fall down near your destination.

Walk as if you are bypassing your real destination so as to confuse failure to delay striking you, thinking that you still have a long way to go, and when in the middle of your destination, gather some strength and jump into your room of success at once. The “confused” failure will only bite its claw, blaming itself that I wish I knew. Be tricky, for trickiness solves a number of impossible things in life.

There are no failures but there are only those who rest before they become tired, I mean lazy people who give up so easily.   Failing itself prepares one to succeed as it teaches people unforgettable lessons. But it teaches only those who admit and correct where they have gone wrong. It is always good, after failure, to come back and identify what led to your failure. Having identified it, you will try to avoid it as you chase your success dream.

Life is an unwinnable race, even those that you see blossoming in life are better failures. The real winner is that who dies for others to win.   Do not dive too much, you may be overtaken by many people who never dive in life. The more you dive in expectation of a penalty, the more your precious time flies. Keep going. I repeat, keep going.


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