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Dollar hike is a great misery in juba

By Theem Isaac


When the people in the village heard of you to have made it to Juba city, the place village people perceive abounds with jobs opportunities and money; they think you have made it in life.

You would always receive a couple of phone calls from cousins ordering clothes and airtime without you having to object to the demands. But for one to have ever paid a visit to the Suncity, the time he/she goes back, he/she will have known the Juba lifelike.

To take you through the business, I am a victim of the dollar hike. I was called by a cousin residing in Newsite residence. ” Your babe has promised me to meet you at my house, will you come please?” he asked. Yes, I responded.

I rushed to Giada main gate, a bus stop and where boda boda riders assemble. When reaching there, I was shocked to see a built-up jam right from the bus stop up to the University of Juba roundabout. I knew boarding a bus would delay more than a motorbike; I called a boda boda rider and told him to take me to Newsite.

To my surprise, the boy stared at me and asked if I would pay for what he wanted me to. I asked him how much he needed. ” You have to pay 2000ssp sir”, he said. I asked why he was overcharging me.

” Please dollar is very high with increase in fuel prices”. A litre costs us a lot and you passengers don’t have to blame us for the boda boda price increases”, the boy stressed. As we were arguing, I already had my legs astride the motorbike. I was just there stranded glaring at him threateningly.

The boy looked to be a Dinka; he could not get petrified no matter how I gave him a threatening look. I had to call for my cousin and narrated how I got stuck in a miserable condition. ” Sorry! Dear, I can’t afford a two-way cost, would you try your best so that I will later cater for your return”. Your babe has just arrived now, be quick”, he demanded.

I thoroughly searched up my pockets as if I had anything inside, all was a load of crap! I pleaded the boda boda rider to pay him 1700ssp. He pities on me and accepts to take the pittance.

He learned I had nothing to pay. ” Bring the money before we set off, the boy said,” I told him to be paid by my cousin I was visiting. The boy did not pay attention to the nonsense. He started his motorbike, rode far a distance and I was left staring at him.

When I tried to call the cousin, he immediately had my number picked up. I picked up the call. ” You are very unlucky, “Your baby has left while very annoyed “. I breathed heavily on the phone but could do nothing. I tried her number, but it couldn’t go through. Thus, from then up to now, our sweet is no more. If this dollar inflation were a war, I would be either a martyr or a prisoner of war.

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