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Eastern Equatoria reports large-scale cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco


Over ten-thousand-armed Murle youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked Kauto Payam in Kapoeta East County on Friday.

According to Eastern Equatoria Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, the attackers, who reportedly mobilized over the past month, waged a two-day raid.

“This group of youth…since last month we were being informed that they were mobilizing…they raided the area and we have not got the details yet” Lobong said.

The governor disclosed that the attacker fled with herds cattle and also abducted some children.

“The information we got is that these people went back with cattle, abducted children, and looted goods from the Toposa,”  he added.

The remote location of Kauto Payam is hampering efforts to gather details and provide immediate assistance to the affected community.

“The area is very far and not accessible, which is why it’s taking time to get details” the governor added.

He reported unconfirmed civilian deaths, abductions of women and children, and an unknown number of cattle stolen during the two-day raid.

He expressed disappointment over the attack, especially considering the recent peace dialogues between Eastern Equatoria and Greater Pibor communities.

He highlighted previous efforts to foster peace, including; interstate trade initiatives and pardoning Murle cattle raiders who attacked Kapoeta North last year.

The governor emphasized his commitment to peace and called on the new administration in Greater Pibor to; take immediate action to restore peace and expedite efforts to return the stolen cattle, abducted women, and children

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor called for continued dialogue and restraint to avoid revenge attacks.

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