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Lopit Community condemns recent killings in Imehejek

By Ijoo Bosco


Lopit community in Eastern Equatoria State has condemned killing of four Toposa cattle herders by suspected criminals in Imehejek administrative area.

Ustaz Ambrose Oyet Albino, Chairperson of the Lopit community, expressed shock over the killing at Lolongo village of Lohutok Payam, calling it “barbaric”.

He urged authorities to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened by the killing of four Toposa people… We condemn this barbaric act in the strongest terms possible. The perpetrators must be apprehended and brought to justice” Albino echoed.

The Lopit community leader also appealed to the Toposa community to remain calm and allow the government to investigate the matter.

“The state government and Imehejek authorities will work together to de-escalate the situation,” he continued.  “We urge the Toposa community to remain calm and allow the government to investigate with the Lopit community to apprehend the criminals.”

Albino also condemned the killing of Mr. Anjelo Ohosa in Torit town who went to cultivate his garden at the outskirts of Odikolong residential area of Torit municipal council.

The Lopit and Toposa communities have been holding peace talks, but violence persists.

The Lopit Community calls on state and national governments to intervene and restore peace and unity amongst the two sisterly citizens of Imehejek administrative area and greater Kapoeta region.

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