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One man tells a lie, dozens repeat it as the truth.

By Ustaz Mark Bang


Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it (KJV Proverbs 22:6).

This nation is in the hands of looters, thieves, sycophants and greedy individuals who always pretend to serve the nation in the way expected, they disturb the president to be appointed in order to help alleviate the suffering of our people yet do nothing. We see those self-proclaimed economic experts lobbying for the ministerial post and after being given, they fail to heal this chronic wound of our country’s economy. If I may ask, how many finance ministers appointed just in this year? Probably two ministers have taken ministerial position off and as harder as things go on, people claimed to do better change, yet things go tougher and believe all those who are serving the nation are those who only know how to eat leave alone developing our nation. We know that the strategies downplaying us we the citizens are things to with I know this person, he is better, he is an expert, and he is so and so. Such individuals who praise them are sycophants, thieves, looters and beggars. South Sudan is primed to go to polls for the first time in December. Chuang, an engineer, was a minister for petroleum just two years ago before he was sacked. He was later appointed as a technical advisor in the finance and planning ministry under Dr. Bak. Eng. Chuang becomes the 12th minister of finance and planning since independence on July 9, 2011 – and the 20th since 2005 when South Sudan signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that marked its separation from the Arab north. Dr Bak’s sacking comes on the back of the country’s civil service going six months without salary amid skyrocketing inflation which continuously happen to be just normal culture.

Many questions come to mind, are we not badly trained? Are we going to be better people in our future? To me not all, yes, we are trained to be worst enough in our future, we are trained to be following the same footsteps we’ve seen from those who have been before us and nothing they can do about it. When some of these individuals are going to be getting old, old enough to do nothing, they will cry why is this and that happening? And there shall be no answer for it since our cries are never heard now. None of us expect to see our own child dying or suffering, we all want our children to stand on their feet perfectly and admire to see them doing great things than all we’ve done in our lifetime.

A good government must provide the following to its citizens, good government I do hear and see in other parts of the world has to be: an honest, fair and efficient governance, protection of the fundamental rights to all citizens has to be another priority, freedom of speech and follow one’s faith, maintenance of law and order, efficient utilization of the taxpayers money, ensure peace and harmony in the society, strong action against elements who divide people and spread hatred, quality education and healthcare to all citizens, efficient judiciary to punish criminals quickly, infrastructural developments like roads, power, water, sanitation simplification of procedures and ease of doing business, government must be an enabler and must desists from micromanaging the lives of the people. It must create an ecosystem in which excellence can flourish enabling everyone to realize their full potential. When the individual in a country grows, the nation shall automatically become prosperous and developed.

However, there is something our people should understand. Our people should know what it means to be a person holding any position whether big or small, we need to love the job and people then family follows. Remove this thing in your mind that when you are given position never take as something else, put it in mind that you’re holding the public position, and this needs you to serve the public not either those who celebrate your appointment or your family. There has to be sincerity, honesty, love and unity before executing your duties. All these things have not been put in place although some of them have been done but to the maxim. Truth is that there no people who in government who really see badly economy had harm us, our people and the country, if such people who claim to be there for us would simply fight hard in tabling and carrying all country’s problems cabinet or parliamentary affairs meeting to be strictly overseen. If people fear tell the truth, then I will never stop airing it out loud. You have to step out in your offices and try to one time take board the public transit first to see our roads, how transport had risen, and prices too. You people only know how poor roads, transport and prices only after being fired, most of the people appointed never know civil population are suffering because you stay in your office enjoying everything not knowing one time will get out of that office. There is nothing permanent here on Earth including the life we have. Kings rises and fall, wars happen and end, appointed and later out, stand and sit. There is the time when people sit and meditate saying I was once a minister for Petroleum, Education, Defense, Finance and so, I was once driving my own car, own a big mansion and story continues and now who are you. Never forget to think your past, present and future simply because nothing is ever permanent on Earth.

Conclusively, we are better people when we have better society, good environment to live in when we ourselves are good to it, great legacy to remember when great people that have great integrity, and when we have good plan for better future. Show empathy and kindness towards others, listen actively and engage in meaningful conversations to benefit for your next plan in leadership if positive, be reliable and supportive, respect others’ boundaries and individuality, practice open communication and honesty, find common interests and shared experiences, be open to learning and growing from your interactions with others.

It’s important to remember that while it’s natural to desire love and acceptance, it’s not possible to be universally loved by everyone. Focusing on being the best version of yourself and nurturing authentic connections with those who appreciate you for who you are can lead to fulfilling and meaningful relationships. “Public Staunchest Ally”.

The author is a Human Right Activist and professional teacher.

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