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One person killed in Imehejek Administrative Area

By Ijoo Bosco


A 35-year-old man, identified as Arama Oromo, was shot dead by suspected youths from Kapoeta North County in Imehejek Administrative Payam in Eastern Equatoria State.

Imehejek Administrator, Mathew Oromo confirmed the incident to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone, adding the attackers are still being pursued.

“The deceased was returning home from his garden in the evening around 6:00 p.m. when he was shot by these criminals,” Mr. Oromo narrated.

He condemned the ongoing raids and killings by the Kapoeta North County youth, accusing them of destabilizing the region.

The area administrator urged Kapoeta North authorities to intervene and encourage their youth to embrace peace with neighbouring Imehejek.

“We held a meeting with the Lalanga community regarding the killing,” Mr. Oromo said.

“We identified the attackers as being from Riwoto. Three communities in my area have agreed to reconciliation efforts. The suspects who caused the conflict have been treated well and pledged cooperation. They are willing to help apprehend the culprit.”

He added, that while the culprit hasn’t been arrested yet, the ‘Monyomiji’ (local law enforcement youth) attempted to apprehend the suspect yesterday. They retrieved two guns belonging to the deceased and are still pursuing the suspect.

Mr. Oromo further highlighted the fear instilled by these attacks, particularly among residents bordering Kapoeta North.

Many are hesitant to resume agricultural activities due to security concerns posed by the youth attack.

This incident followed a similar one that occurred in Imehejek on April 24, 2024: in which suspected youths from Lolongo Village allegedly killed four Toposa people and injured one.

In retaliation, Toposa youths from Kapoeta North County reportedly killed one person in Lolongo and Lohutok villages on the following day.


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