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I can’t give you a name!

My uncle has become

Your friend,

Once a strong man,

But now very weak

You have finished his strength.

He can’t do any physical work now.

He is just waiting to visit his grave

And you think you deserve a name

In that?


I can’t give you a name!

My uncle lost his responsibility as a man

In the house

He can’t put food on the table anymore.

He can’t take his children to school anymore.

He can’t provide medication to his family anymore.

He can’t support those in need

As he used to do

All what he gets is just for you

Do you think I am stupid to give you a name?


I can’t give you a name!

My uncle was a boss,

But now a jobless man!

He was sacked from his work

Just because of You.

You deceived him to talk against his superior

And he got fired!

You deceived him to steal company’s money

And that led to his dismissal!

You lied to him that

Dishonesty is the best policy, He became dishonest.

And there he is so miserable without a job!

Am I sick to even give you a name?


I can’t give you a name!

My uncle was once loved by his wife.

He was in a position to satisfy his wife sexually.

But now, he is not a man anymore!

He came home very late.

He smells very bad.

He goes to bed and sleeps up to the morning.

The wife expects him to wake up

And make love, but nothing!

The wife would try even touching his penis

But no erection at all!

You have destroyed my uncle!

The only thing he knows is taking useless ladies from hotel to hotel!

What a hell that I should give you a name?


I can’t give you a name!

My uncle was once a great leader in our community.

Any leadership position was always given to you.

He was trusted by everyone.

The time he became your friend,

He became so brutal and beyond description.

He took leadership to head and He could not listen to anyone.

He became the worst dictator.

He took all the money and the resources for the community to be his.

Do you think people would watch destroying the community?

He was removed and he is there a man of no title!


In all the above you did to my uncle

And maybe to many people in my society

Can I really name you, “ALCOHOL” as many say?

I will never mention that horrible name of yours!

By Nyak Lam

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