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All my thoughts after 40 hours of trying to be happy

I am here to now not talk about the race between the lion and the zebra. I want to take you through a different journey, the struggle of mankind to find a place to call home, which is always temporary.

The universe as we all know is too big for you to matter in it and equally temporary for one to think it is his permanent home. But guess what?  We all want to be here to experience all the joys and sorrows of life, the sweet and the sour, all the rain and sunshine.

If you are not aware, the ride is not going to be friendly. You need to fasten your seatbelts. Expect accidents on the way or delays. It could be fatal sometimes. You can be a careful driver but that only gives you 25 percent chances of survival because there are other careless drivers who are more likely to knock you off.

If you drink, you even have 5 percent chances of survival on the road. 75 percent of this journey is pure luck. But the sad news is that not everyone is going to be lucky. Pray that the goddess of luck pays you a visit once in a while, so that you have more days to pray to be lucky. Count yourself lucky too if you have the strength to even pray for luck.

Thank the universe if you are using a boat. It is a bit cheaper and too slow, but you are so sure that, no matter how slow it is, you will reach there one day. Expect crocodiles. They pray for storms for your boat to capsize and when their prayers are answered, you must learn to swim to the shore and those who cannot swim will be the crocodile’s dinner. The rest soldier on, as if they were paid to do so.

This is life. Don’t lose your mind when you lose everything because the only biggest loss in this life is to lose your life. You think you are too special?  You are wrong because the world will never stop when you pass on. Sorry but learn to be a good person but put up a rude face once a while, maybe once in six years.

Let people know that you can take them off, but you only choose to spare them. Maybe you have been a lion all these while and they have been rabbits but with all the wrong they have caused you, they still say they have forgiven you. How can a rabbit forgive a lion? Does it even make sense? What If the rabbit didn’t forgive the lion is the lion going to lose anything? This world doesn’t balance, may God forgive a lion that forgives the rabbits.  It makes the world a better place.

If you have chickens, learn not to slaughter one of their members when other members are watching because they will not enjoy their remaining days. Most chickens have days or even months to live and they spend these few days running after insects for food. When these chickens are not aware about their end, days or months could be like years.

Imagine humans doing the same just to survive in this life.  In the place I have known, the expensive thing to wear is a beautiful smile. What if that smile is taken for years?  Maybe I should just think about something different.

Let us embark on this journey to unravel this mystery. The race is about to start, let us go through the life of two university students who just started everything from nothing and who are about to end this journey with nearly nothing-something.  When they start, they have plans for a better future, plans that can rebuild your house the same day it was broken down.

Some promised themselves future Mercedes bens and bungalows and now, they don’t have where to live. Things change and if you don’t dream big here, you won’t survive another day. Everything we do is just to cross to a different day; the day is always a borrowed one. You must always pay for the borrowed days of your life.

The journey hasn’t started yet.  There are some requirements one must meet to make it here. The first thing to do is to learn how to laugh even when there is nothing good to make you laugh because right here, if you have five reasons to be happy, you will have fifty more reasons to be sad. Respect those who are always happy. They have a lot going in their lives. They just do a good business of covering it up with a nice smile.

The journey has started and it is with two young people. The duo want to get their undergraduate degrees so that they can secure better jobs so that they can get married. One of their dreams is to own big businesses and future land cruiser v.8s but the truth is the future is not always real. The two young couples must get there. But first, they must get children and settle down to raise them.

The rest will follow later. In this part, the struggle to bring a child into this world is not an easy thing to think about. The race is not that easy for anyone to win.  You have about 250 millions sperm and each one of them wants to survive. Within minutes of production, about 70 percent of them will be dead or will be in the dying process but the 30 percent will continue with the marathon while overcoming armies of antibodies to reach the end, the cervix, where a genocide of the century is committed.

The millions of them who have endured and beat impossible odds on their journey to survive only get killed here, in the cervix with only one champion making it to the uterus. But there is still another journey to make it to the fallopian tubes, where there are high chances of survival. The sperms that made it to the tubes receive a little rest but it is still not the end because there are also high chances of miscarriage.

It is time for the pregnancy now. The woman will wait for   9 months to receive this one special winner that survived in millions and of course it would be an insult to think that you are not special if you are one of the sperms that made it through this vicious journey because you have life to welcome. Life will not welcome you with kind gloves.

Pray to the ancestors that the good all goes well in the hospital because there are high chances of not making it. If you have been through all these processes and am still here today, congratulations.  You will win in the next race of life. Peace.



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