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A short story of my last meeting with myself

Sometimes life seems short when so many good things are happening in your life. Maybe you got a new job and you just celebrated your graduation a few days ago.

Now it seems like it is too fast. You want it to be slow so that you enjoy the moment and then things just change, you lose everything.  This time, you want things to run fast and it is not happening. Maybe you are a patient, and it has gotten to a point where you count every single minute, moments where you pray for every single second.

The truth is, the world is not your mother’s pot of soup or your dad’s farm of rice. Don’t expect too much from it because you will be frustrated in the end.  Try to imagine how you would look if you were stripped naked in front of a hundred thousand people.

Do you think you will ever be the same in the eyes of those people again? If you were given time to explain yourself to these people, do you think anything will ever change the fact that they have seen you naked? The world knows everything about you. The world gets mad at you most times and all you have to do is to just forgive yourself when you can’t do anything about it.

Accept it when it gets hard too. You will never arrive and that is the truth. If you don’t have time, find time with yourself once a year.  It is so sad that you live so hard and so fast that you forget to appreciate yourself how strong you have been. Listen; there is also a time when you won’t find yourself.

There was a day, a few years ago when my legs took me to a place far away to look for myself and most importantly to have a meeting with a young man in me, but it turns out that I wasn’t available for the meeting; busy somewhere trying to run away from myself.

I tried my best to look for myself in places where I spend most of my time, not to have the meeting but to sit down somewhere and pray for things, including those that I can’t control. But it has been so hard that all I had to do was to just forgive myself.

You know how it feels when you build and the building falls down right from the top to the ground and all you have to do is to start all over again, picking stone by stone and putting everything back together.

You are going to fall down, pray that God gives you the strength to get back on your feet. The rest depends on luck and life goes on. The marathon is real and we are not so sure if we are ever going to make it.

The world, in my own view, is like a boxing ring where we have to take in blows from different opponents. There is no ultimate winner. Everyone is a loser in the end. It is almost everyday, no rest and no giving up. Thanks God if you have many opponents to tackle because it shows that you have enough time to be in the ring.

There is joy in the ring but there is pain that never leaves. It gets hard every day and for every weak boxer, every day is a worst day.

You win sometimes and most times, you have to do a business of nursing your own wounds. If you can cry, then do it. Don’t hide your tears because the world is aware of it.  You build resilience through it, may grace follow you in this struggle. Maybe one day, you will find yourself once again and laugh with yourself as if you had the best teeth in the world.



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