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Big or small, an opportunity is an opportunity

There is no opportunity that has a nickname. It is a common mistake branding an opportunity as “golden”. There is no golden opportunity nor is there a silver opportunity, or any of that kind. No opportunity that has a colour.

The bigness of an opportunity does not make it golden. The smallness of an opportunity does not make it silver or valueless. It is how one utilises an opportunity that makes it stand out. If one uses an opportunity when his heart is somewhere bigger, then that opportunity would go without an impact on the people.

But if one utilises an opportunity with a mentality that all opportunities are the same, that opportunity would create an impact on the people. What else is needed out of an opportunity? It is a positive impact it has created on the people that is needed much, nothing else.

So, if a small opportunity has the potential to impact people’s lives, one should not reject it and set eyes only on a big opportunity. Mind you, not every big opportunity is big. Some big opportunities are hollow. So, there is a need for people to use any opportunity with full focus, commitment and dedication.

Take, for instance, a leadership opportunity. The position of commissionership is the same, but there are some commissioners who are more exceptional than others. This is because such commissioners believe an opportunity knocks only once and that, they commit to utilizing such opportunity with full enthusiasm.

The problem with some people is that when one is appointed as, for example, a state minister, he works while eyeing the position of the governor. Every day, he counts the steps between him and the governor and nods his head as he aspires for the seat. This makes him work with no faith in what he is doing.

The same thing applies to national ministers. They work while aiming higher. It is not bad to aim higher, but it is what one does where he is that makes his aim achievable. One cannot mess up an opportunity at hand and think he can get another opportunity easily.

Down to a common man, an opportunity is still an opportunity. An opportunity is found everywhere. Even meeting friends is an opportunity. Meeting friends’ friends is another opportunity. Reading books is an opportunity. It can lead one to an idea that is of great significance to what he aspires for.

Attending a meeting, party, symposium, conference or forum is too an opportunity. Even if you are not given a chance to express yourself, you still have a chance to connect with key attendees whom you see have the potential to cross you over to the other side of the river. If you listen to successful people, most of them got their success through others.

When you get an opportunity, use it as if it were the very opportunity you have been longing for. Use it to get the best you want to get. It does not matter whether the opportunity you have gotten is small or big. A small opportunity is a means of transport to the big one. If you ignore it, you will not be able to get a big opportunity in time.

Remember something is better than nothing. A small opportunity is a screening test for the big opportunity. If you misuse it, you fail. But if you use it wisely, you pass the test and your way for a big opportunity opens. It will not take you time to get a big opportunity.

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