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Someone’s word can hurt you, but your own word cannot

Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed by hardships, I fool myself. I appreciate myself as if I have made it, but this is just a trick to make me hold my head up.

I ask myself a question, why do other young men of my age make it in life? What do they have that I do not have? The same age, the same brain, the same skin colour, and the same country. I just ask myself this question to feel brave and move on whatever the situation. Sometimes, I can look at the strides I make and conclude that I will surely be there.

I talk to myself always. I tell the man in me that you are mature enough and so, be a responsible man. I tell him to go out, fetch food and bring it home. I tell him to face the challenges of survival. I never miss a single minute telling myself to work hard to become a reputable man in future.

I talk to myself to drop crazy ideas and work on ideas of prosperity. I oppose myself even when nothing needs opposition. Yes, I want my medulla oblongata to register the opponent side of me. I want my body to be aware that there are two people in it; me myself and the critic me. This way, every move I make is criticized on spot and thus, I do not go astray.

I tell myself to remain humble however fat my bank account is. I tell myself to look at other people the same way I look at myself. No minute passes without telling myself to increase my steps as I chase my dreams. Any decision I make, I tell myself that this is the best decision to make. Any direction I follow, I focus on following it because I consider it the smooth direction towards my dream.

I warn myself never to discuss people, but ideas. I warn myself to retire from honouring leisure time. I warn myself to avoid people who trap me by telling me to taste drugs and recommend that I should boost myself with them. I never get tired of talking to myself. If I do, I may grow in the wrong direction. I tell myself to review all my friends on daily basis because my failure and success are in their hands. I winnow my friends. Those who fly with the wind are, of course, the fake ones and those who remain are the true friends.

You think what will make you succeed is somewhere. If you talk to yourself, you can realise that you are the requirement you need to facilitate yourself to the throne of success. When you talk to yourself, you will bid farewell to the agents of failure, namely ignorance, self-skepticism, laziness, fear, and low self-esteem. Now, you can have more room for confidence, consistency, hard work, resilience, and self-acceptance. The only person you can best understand, listen to and obey is you yourself, nobody else.

You can feel hurt by somebody else’s words, but you can never feel hurt by your own words. You know what you want to succeed and you know when and how to tell it to yourself. The best friend you all need to help you in life is you yourself. The best advisor you need to advise you is yourself. You are your own God. You can bless yourself to prosper in life. You are all you need to create a rich legacy.  The only problem is that you do not talk to yourself. You have no time with yourself.

It is necessary to talk to yourself. You are the only person who can tell yourself the truth. You are the only person who can listen to yourself attentively. However much other people try to talk to you, you never listen to them the same way you listen to yourself. You can be skeptical about other people’s words to you, but you can never doubt any word you tell yourself.

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