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Magwi County summons executive officers for objecting to transfers

By Ijoo Bosco


Magwi County is set to summon payam executive officers who failed to respond to a recent reshuffle.

Speaking to Voice of Freedom, Mr. Okeny David Oboma, the Deputy Executive Director, explained that officers cannot remain in the same position for more than ten years, necessitating the need for changes.

According to Okeny, some officers have failed to report to their new work locations, and the administration will discipline them to ensure they respect the transfers made by the Executive Director’s office.

Okeny stated that the Director General of Local Government directive stipulates that any officer who fails to report to their new location should either resign or be suspended.

“The Payams that have not received the transferred executive officers, we have already decided to summon them,” he said.

“Some officers have not gone to their new locations, and we will work on them so that they respect the transfers made by the Executive Director’s office,” Okeny explained.

The Deputy Executive Director declared that they have the right to discipline the executive officers who refuse to respond to the changes, as they are trained government officials.

“They have to be disciplined so that they know the law is there, and if they are transferred, they have to respect it. No one can remain in their work location for the rest of their life,” Okeny added.

He mentioned that those officers who change their minds and move to their new locations will be welcomed.




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