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All that I saw in the mirror was a troubled face

There was a time when I went to the hospital to talk to a doctor about something. I remember that time, my world was moving so fast, and life was so slow. For the doctor, life feels pretty well, and the ground looks flat when you have a lot of patients to attend to.

You know, you are at the peak of your career. Most of these patients don’t care if you have gone to the best medical school or if you are the best doctor; all they need is the truth, some healing because Google has told them that they have little time left to live.

Don’t ask Google if you’re not feeling well, because the answer will be from an AI, and you won’t like it. Try to see a doctor, and when he tells you something you don’t need to hear, you need to remember that it is not the end of the world because they will tell you to start praying, and you know what that means? It is not normal prayer; you need to surrender your life to God because it is no longer yours.

If this world is not a scam, how can someone end a journey that they have no idea how it started? If you listen to what is going on in the world, you will never find happiness in your entire life. A doctor can’t decide how one lives. When I met that medic, I felt like his life was moving so fast and mine was so slow. You know, the hardest time to be a patient is when you are a patient. I felt like I have been left behind, and the world was telling me to run, even when I had never run in a marathon before.

All I saw in the mirror was a broken young man, but I wasn’t alone, and that I was better off because there were many others who had gone to the hospital to have their bodies refilled with little drops of life. The hospital was too dry, lifeless too.

The environment was bad. When you see a happy face in the hospital, it is one of two things: either the person is mentally ill or has some good medical results, so they have no time to stress themselves again. They should go home and pray to God for everything.

The rest you see is pain. You know, when you are in the cemetery, the silence and noise from the mourners as one of your loved ones is lowered off, and getting to know that it will be the last time to ever see them again, that’s how it feels when you are in the hospital. The lasts and firsts of things, maybe it is your first and last time to ever go there. Remember how it first felt when you got admitted to college as the first person in your family? You feel like the whole world should know about your achievement.

You start updating your social media about your success, and then you start getting ‘Fs’ in your exams, and you start feeling like life isn’t making sense. But still, nobody cares to know about what is going on in your life. Maybe you should try a bit harder, and just as the first of things make us happy, the last of things isn’t that interesting.

If you were employed to taste the president’s meal to confirm if it was safe or not, it would be your last time on earth if it later turns out that the meal was poisoned. You will never eat anything again. If you were killed during a protest for a just cause, it will be your last time to protest, and it will be the last time for your friends who survived to ever protest again; maybe by then, you will have saved the lives of 100 people who had wanted to protest again from being killed.

As you celebrate the firsts of things, don’t forget to be prepared for the last of things. The last doesn’t last; it is always the end. The end is a must, and it’s coming for everyone. There is no permanence. Maybe this should teach you about how you should live your life. If you are in a privileged position, one day, fate will shuffle everything, and you may find yourself somewhere.

Don’t be surprised if it is not what you had expected. If you’re nothing, you can be something. Just 100 years from now, we’ll all be no more. This is just a reminder; in case you don’t know. And when we are gone, the wonderful world moves on, without us, just as it has always been, peace.”


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