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Project your dream to the point of success

By Ustaz Mark Bang


When people desire to accomplish their dreams, vision, and mission, they must be honest, vigilant, and realistic, first to themselves before taking any single step out towards other people.

There are thousands and thousands of people who fight to have credentials without good attitudes towards other people, like backbiting, gossiping, locking horns, and name them. These individuals here interact with their academic comrades with such described behaviors; this makes anyone miss opportunities of getting a job, married, or living in a social setting.

Another fact is that when one never accepts a mistake, may it be two or a group, it would simply create a negative impression in the minds of others who believed you were always having the incurable illness of not accepting the truth from others who knew that yours was always right. This isn’t a good way of doing things; if you have mistaken and have known, please accept it before dropping apologies, but not just from your mouth; let it be deeply out of your heart with sincerity.

In socializing with people, there are good and bad sides to, but this needs you to be rational in using the most unique ways of solving it without chaos. Nowhere here on Earth or in heaven is there any division that causes disunity and expects people to live peacefully. Know that chance and opportunity are a given but fruits of one’s long endurance in patience and an outstanding struggle.

Socializing with everyone can have some potential downsides. It can be emotionally draining to constantly engage with a wide range of people, and you may encounter individuals who don’t have your best interests at heart. Additionally, trying to maintain connections with a large number of people can be time-consuming and may lead to feelings of overwhelm. It’s important to set boundaries and prioritize your mental well-being when socializing with a wide variety of people. I socialize with a lot of people.

People tend to like me because of my listening skills. But there are a few disadvantages to it. To mention a few, people think of you when they need some favour, and some people expect me to consider it my duty to help them out. You find it hard to say no to people. It becomes extremely hard; they push you to boredom with all their stories; they expect you to accompany them to every boring place they go.

You might be socializing with everyone, but you might have some good friends. Socializing with everyone doesn’t have many negative implications, but you just don’t know what other people think about you. People can be judgmental about you; some might not be comfortable talking to you, and some might feel you are greater than them. So just make sure that you make other people comfortable talking to you; that’s all you can do.

It is not humanly possible to socialize with all the people we come across. There are so many barriers. Inequality in status, education, age, profession, sex, and language will not allow us to socialize with everyone. Most people tend to ridicule the person who calls on them uninvited, and some shut the door. Apart from rejections and insults, we may be attracting bad elements too. Just returning the smiles from unconnected people had cost me a lot.

We normally, in this busy world, do not find enough time to socialize with a known circle, and we get isolated many times in the ocean of people. You might serve people and forget what you did. It is impossible to reach out to all we contact. It sometimes distracts our attention or others’ attention and causes a nuisance. I have seen a young guy always smiling at anyone he has met. He is remembered for his warmth. Most people liked him.

He will interact only if necessary. He will never waste anyone’s time. He used to be quick and sometimes really elusive. A rich man, seeing him lively always, offered his daughter, and as a result, he is now well settled in business. He continues to be lively as in the past. The smile remains his trademark. We should know where we fit in and where we are unfamiliar. We need to be selective until we are sure about the quality of the person we come into contact with.

To be successful, you must have confidence, persistence, and emotional resilience. Because confidence requires not to be covertly concerned with what other people think if they make a mistake. You make mistakes here or there; this helps reveal your potential to cease repetition of the same nature of mistake. Who may say I didn’t make a make a mistake? No one completely, but after failing in that, you try opening another positive chapter to succeed. Confidence involves people having trust in themselves and believing that they will probably be successful in the end, standing up straight, looking people in the eye, and speaking clearly and with a firm tone of voice.

Conclusively, we have to be serious in whatever we say or do in case we may hurt others. Socialization helps people develop their interpersonal skills, and it helps them understand the importance of cooperation and communication. In other words, it is the gateway to everything positive in life and demands attention. In one way or another, words spoken without clear scrutiny disqualify a person from being taken insane, a liar or else give the wrong description of who the person is with a group or society. Let’s do things that will create love and unity within ourselves and our beloved nation, South Sudan. “Public Staunchest Ally”

The writer of this article is a human rights activist, writer, and professional teacher.



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