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WES feeder roads rehabilitated

By Mangu Victor


Equatoria Teak Company Ltd in Western Equatoria State (WES) has officially handed over rehabilitated feeder roads in Sakure Payam, Nzara County, to the State Ministry of Roads and Bridges.

During a ceremony held in the Tumba area of Sakure Payam, the WES Minister of Roads and Bridges, Anna Tunna, commended the company’s initiative and support to the community.

She said the road rehabilitation will boost the community’s access to agricultural markets and facilitate the transportation of their produce.

She said the opening of feeder roads will ease access to the market, while the trunk roads will connect the capital city and the states.

The minister urged the Sakure Payam community to maintain the roads, as the government and its partners cannot continuously rehabilitate them.

She emphasized that many other counties and payams in WES require similar services.

Meanwhile, the Director of Equatoria Teak Company Ltd., Mr. James Fandas, expressed his gratitude to the state government for providing better security, which helped the company complete the 12-kilometer road rehabilitation project.

Mr. Fandas stated that the Equatoria Teak Company’s primary objectives are to provide services to the community through resilience and recovery, as well as to support community self-employment by facilitating the sale of their agricultural produce to the market.



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