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Otuho King requests Parish for Hiyala Payam

By Ijoo Bosco


King of Otuho Mayya, His Majesty David Oyalala has called on the Catholic Diocese of Torit to establish a parish and build a church in Hiyala Payam, to end the cycle of revenge attacks and promote peace in the area.

This request came during the first ecumenical visit of Bishop Emmanuel Bernardino Lowi to the king, as the bishop sought to acquaint himself with the traditional leader and find better ways of evangelizing the Kingdom and the neighbouring communities.

Speaking at the king’s palace in Hiyala, King Oyalala expressed his gratitude for the bishop’s visit and emphasized the importance of having a church in the area.

“For the past 15 years, I have been in Hiyala, I have not seen a church, and the priests who have been here all these years have had no accommodation. The people are not united,” he said.

The king believes that the establishment of a parish and the construction of a church will help create peace in the area.

“The church is a uniting institution, and when the building is completed, we shall be very happy, and all the neighboring communities of Hiyala will come,” he added.

Alfred Oburak, the chairperson of the Hiyala community, echoed the king’s sentiments, expressing his happiness at the prospect of the church’s return.

“Our people have been in a cycle of revenge killing because the Ten Commandments were not practiced at the grassroots level in Hiyala Payam. Now that the church has come back, we are going to return to a dignified way of living, where we have respect, diversity, and equality – the pillars of the Catholic Church that we Hiyala community need.”

Bishop Emmanuel Lowi of the Catholic Diocese of Torit expressed his appreciation for the leadership of King David Oyalala, stating, “I’m very glad to have come here in Hiyala and visit him, as it would have been a great mistake not to do so. As our chief, he is over all of us, and we are under his territory, so at least he can also bless the effort and program.”

The request from the Otuho King highlights the potential of the church to promote unity, peace, and respect in the Hiyala Payam.



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