Author: One Citizen Daily Newspaper

Man killed in Imehejek cattle raid

By Ijoo Bosco   Authorities in Imehejek Administrative Area reported the death of an armed youth during a cattle raid on Sunday evening. The area’s chief administrator, Mathew Oromo, disclosed that the incident occurred when the youth was returning his cattle to the town headquarters after grazing. According to Oromo,[Read More…]

As we mourn Agnes Waron, who died in a land dispute at Hai-Mauna, her brutal murder epitomizes the cruelty, bereaved families face after demise of a man.  Government must protect widows, widowers and orphans against monster relatives who mercilessly loot bereaved families bare of property, robbing them of their rights[Read More…]

Youth urged to embrace entrepreneurship, shun crimes

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto   Juba County legislator has urged youth to desist from unlawful lifestyles to embrace education and entrepreneurship. Chairperson of standing specialized committee for information, youth, and sports, David Pitia Jada said youth should concentrate on improving their livelihoods. Jada made this remark during an inspection of[Read More…]