Over 20 orphans, street children receive essential items

Beneficiaries receiving items given by Hope for the Needy International at the compound in Lakes State/Photo: Yang Ater

By Yang Ater Yang

Hope for the Needy International (H4N) has distributed food items and non-food items to 25 orphans, street and widows including their foster parents in Rumbek, the capital of Lakes State.

The Chief Executive Director of Hope for the Needy International (H4N) Mr. Chieny Mamer Mathet told the media that their mission is to ensure social justice, economic and educational enhancement for the disadvantaged population.

The program is focusing on women and children through developing mechanisms aimed at service delivery and capacity building that positively impact the lives of the people socially and economically.

Mr. Mamer said that the dream and vision is to restore hope to the destitute in Lakes state.

“The NGOs started several years ago, as a charity organization. We commenced services to humanity by supporting street children and orphans in several communities in Rumbek in early 2021 by giving clothing, food, psychosocial support as well as healthcare services to more than 20 beneficiaries in Lakes state,” Mamer said.

“We facilitated the identification and placement of initially 20 beneficiaries into foster homes, conducted psychosocial counseling and supported them into foster homes. We are planning to open a learning space for the orphans and the street children in Lakes state if we get funding,” he continued.

Mamer concluded by stating their achievements which include sustainable approaches and solutions as stated below.

“We have also been providing sustainable approaches including inclusive partnership with the national and sub-national government for the holistic social protection of vulnerable children and widows. Increasing civic education, including health talks in schools and communities and agribusiness and other livelihoods in support of the program,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Rose Arop Makur, a parent to one of the beneficiaries appreciated H4N organization for the support that they provided.

“Thank you for the support to us as vulnerable community in Lakes state as well as orphans, widows, and street children. All citizens in South Sudan should support those vulnerable children across the country to become future in this nation,” Rose said.

She called upon President Salva Kiir to double efforts in supporting the orphans, widows to ensure that they improve their livelihood. 

The organization’s objective is to promote the dignity of all in the societies by providing relevant financial and materialistic support to the vulnerable children in the community like orphans and street children, widows in efforts to restore their hope of living a well-deserved life through mobilizing resources.

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