Man deserts lover and absconds amid gang confrontation

By Bida Elly David

A 32 year old man at Shar Batr, a suburb in the outskirts of Juba, yesterday deserted his partner and absconded after a gang of boys brutally surrounded them in their return from Texas club of Gudele 2.

The incident transpired after the two partners were making their way back to their vicinities following a night out with their friends.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the lady who failed to identify herself described her lover as Satan and a devil that only discovered the importance of saving himself more than her at such tragic incident and promised to reciprocate the beatings she incurred from the wrong boys through retaliation on him.

“We went to the club upon his invitation but I truly regretted why I had decided to take a move from our home to accompany that idiot who ran after group of niggas blasted before us. That man is indeed a definition of a real devil and a Satan’’.

Speaking under the influence of Alcohol, the lady said that she had formerly cautioned her lover over early departure before other people but he resisted and paid no attention to her suggestion.

She said that she would have been brutally beaten and raped if her purse that had some portion of money had not saved her.

 “My lover and I agreed earlier to go and chill around Texas club with some of his friends. As it was clocking to dawn, he persuaded us to take off home. Instead of using the main road or Boda, he decided to head us through a shortcut road which was well known for being risky. I warned him severally but he resisted to listen to me’’ she said

However, she had promised not to trust men anymore after testifying what happened to her that very morning.

“Most men claim to be descent and responsible but to my notice; I have come to realize that they only know how to stand for themselves. Truly most of them are cowards and irresponsible based on the example I have gone through and I have lost trust in all of them’’ she said.

Access to reach police, the gangs and the lady’s partner was null and void.

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