Music moves your soul and requires deep meditation-Hani Breva explains

A picture of Hani Breva (file photo)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

South Sudan music currently has vessels that contain a different taste that people now emulate its vibe, feel it and dance to it without reservations of questioning if indeed a fellow is the one behind it.

It is understood that lot has been played in the last eleven years that artists had really fought in changing the narrative of the South Sudanese to dislike domestic music.

Last weekend was tremendous moment listening to a brand new album that was a vibe of a South Sudan’s female singer Hani Breva whose music moved everyone by surprise through her entertaining and mammoth songs in the album.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Breva explained how she manages her life in music as a young girl who is understood to be going through a lot as per the industry in the Country.

“Well, life in music is quite challenging, music isn’t an easy task, it takes your soul and requires deep concentration and that’s it, very hard for an individual to hit the milestones,” she lamented.

She added that, “basically, doing music in South Sudan is way harder, most of our elders are still living in the shadow of analog world. The beginning was too hard and discouraging, but I was there for a purpose for my gift, my talent has to move on”.

 “About my relationship, it’s my private life although some choose to spread wrong information about me, I still stand my private life” she noted.

Artists play a great role in our society in changing lives through music but they also need to be gifted with a knowledge of public relation in the aspect of how they relate themselves with their stakeholders who play another great role behind their back, Breva also went deep into explaining how they mingled up together in exposing the game.

“Identifying a perfect understanding with producers will shape your career, above all I got a manager who knows me personally and he understands my music much better than I do sometimes,” she articulated.

Breva further enlightened that her inspiration comes from the beauty of the act (music) as a young innovative woman who does music to pave a way of sharing emotions and messages to the community,” she added.

She said the emotional factor is essential in days of life when sound that conveys emotion and heals broken souls regardless of the language in the song.

Breva believed that her music album titled (Born to change) which has 9 songs is one that will change the negative aspect that South Sudanese artists and sound isn’t worthy of international recognition,” she trusted.

“It has been an unbelievable journey filled with so many incredible moments and bad days but I feel privilege to have experienced it all,” said Breva.

Regarding sexual exploitation, she said the female characters has been taken mainly for sexual desire that people think women who are doing music are wasted or a group of prostitutes which is challenging.

The manager of Hani Breva then promised to stand firm to create more exposure of the music album, create marketing and merchandising strategies to see that the album runs the country to the top in the world.

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