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Lainya County to host forthcoming SPLM retreat

By Ephraim Modi Duku Sokiri

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) ruling party in Central Equatoria State is set to hold its forthcoming retreat in Lainya County. 

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone, Monday, the Commissioner of Lainya County Emmanuel Khamis Richard said this year’s state SPLM retreat is scheduled to take place this month.

Overwhelmed with joy to welcome participants of the retreat to his county, Mr. Khamis said expressed gratitude for choice of the venue.

He said the retreat will bring the state SPLM members from different counties to deliberate on the performance, challenges and solution to address factors that hold the party behind.

According to Khamis, SPLM members, including the executive and parliamentarians will be among the participants in attendance to reflect on issues partnering the ruling party.

He stressed that during the retreat, as a revolutionary movement, SPLM state party members will focus on performance, challenges and the way forward of issues.

“As a revolutionary movement that fought for 21 years, and got independence under the guidance and its leadership, it’s important that after 2013 and 2016 crisis; the state party members meet to discuss the general situation” he said.

The county commissioner the retreat would seek options to ensure delivering its mandate and also prepare the state and contribute to general stability.

Although the Commissioner has not disclosed the level of preparedness of his county, he alluded that it was the obligation of the county to host the retreat.

“It is going to be a strategic meeting of the party and of course the responsibility of the county to host. The county is prepared to host the SPLM retreat,” he said.

Khamis also offered updates on the general security situation in Lainya County, as well as on the numerous ongoing projects and others still to be launched.

“We have been working on a policy to restore sustainable security so that there is peace and development. So, the security is currently normal, and the environment is peaceful,” he said.

“We are also inaugurated a number of development projects in the county, which includes the local government headquarters as the office of the commissioner of Lainya County,” Khamis revealed.

Other development projects include installation of solar panel plant to provide electricity in the town, launching of drinking water, construction of residences to accommodate senior government bureaucrats.

The public electricity is estimated to cover an approximate distance of 5 to 6 miles and supply all the residential areas along the highway.

Khamis also noted that the electricity will be able to improve security situation in the area.

Lainya County bordered to the north-east by Juba County, to the South-East by Kajo-Keji County, to the South-West by Morobo County, and to the West by Yei River County.

It also stakes tight borders with Mundri West of Western Equatoria State to the north and Uganda to the South.

Kenyi, Kupera, Mukaya, and Wuji are the payams in Lainya County. It is situated on the main road that connects Juba to the northeast and Yei to the southwest. “Road warnings” are usually issued when road conditions deteriorate during the rainy season. A secondary road connects Lainya to Jambo town in Mundri East County.

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