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SPLM-IO cautions Gen. Olony of misconduct

By Bida Elly David

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) has cautioned the leader of the Agwelek forces, Gen. Johnson Olony, over military and political misconduct as he landed Juba to implement a deal, he inked with the SPLM in government.

Gen. Olony who broke away from the SPLM-IO arrived in Juba, last weekend.

Puok Both Baluang, acting press secretary in the office of the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, said the destruction of the SPLM-IO forces in parts of Upper Nile will only be handled through transitional justice.

“If Olony is coming to Juba for the sake of peace, let it be so but if his coming will be against the SPLM-IO as it happened during the clashes, then this is something else,” he said.

Machar’s SPLM-IO however welcomed Gen. Olony to Juba.

“We welcome him as he has made a step to join the SPLM-IG which is the government but should be committed to peace,”

Baluang stressed that the SPLM-IO retains its stand not to pardon Olony for the destruction he had caused, noting that the constitution would be the one to take its course on the losses caused by the Agwelek forces.

“We in the SPLM-IO cannot say we have pardoned him over the destruction caused but transitional justice and accountability should hold his actions”. We cannot pardon him since the constitution is there to judge any of his action,”

Mr. Baluang further cautioned Olony over threats on the implementation of the transitional security arrangements. noting that he should bear the characteristics of a leader not rebellion as his forces may be merged with the national army.

“We don’t have problem with Olony since he has taken a step to join the SPLM-IG what we need from him is to commit as he said not to fight again,” he said.

Machar’s mouthpiece underscored that if Olony prioritizes political will to peace, the SPLM-IO will never have problems but if he still stands against the party or the military segment, then there will be no hope for peace.

Following his arrival to Juba over the weekend, Gen. Olony the Agwelek forces, commander has vowed not to fight again but rather work with the government to ensure sustainable peace return to the country.

He promised to surrender his soldiers to the government as he commits towards working for amity for the safety of civilians in the Upper Nile region.

“I don’t want war anymore; I come for peace. We signed a peace agreement with the government long ago, and Tut is the witness. I was supposed to come a long time [but I delayed coming to Juba due to some work; I am here finally today,” Gen Olony said.

Olony will spend five days in Juba to discuss with President Kiir modalities on how to implement the Khartoum Peace Agreement signed between the SPLM-IO and Agwelek forces.

He promised to work together with the government to solve the insecurity in the country.

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