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In commemoration of World no tobacco day, we inform the public on the dangers of using tobacco to have a healthy living and to protect future generations of this nation.

In South Sudan, this is one an epidemic that is only getting continuous. As soon as you get out of your house in the morning, for those who may leave with a smoker, you will be met with fumes of the deadly nicotine. Out on the streets and other public spaces, you will find the same. Boda-boda riders do not spare you as well.

According to research, tobacco use imposes a large health and economic burden worldwide. Research estimates that, in 2019, about 8 million deaths were attributable to tobacco smoking. Tobacco also reduces years of heavily living: about 200 million disability – adjusted life years in 2019.

The use of tobacco in most of the low – income counties has been recorded to be increasing as compared to the use in the high – income countries. “Today, more than 80% of the world’s smokers live in the low and middle – income countries, resulting in a skewed burden of disease” and underdevelopment.

South Sudan’s situation is no exception with a non-decreasing smoking rate continuing to kill individuals. The active smokers die directly and this may be appreciated by those who find smoking a disservice. However, the passive smokers are never left out of this sticky situation because nonetheless, the smoke from the burning tobacco fills the air in which they are therefore poisoning them as well.

The people in Juba, particularly the nationals who are active smokers barely have reasons why they do so aside peer pressure and the desire to fit in the society. The longing of acceptance as somebody of civilization and modernity has drawn young people – majority being young boys and men into puffing the nicotine and tar.

Since research shows that a health population is a more productive and prosperous one, the time is nigh for this nation to do away with tobacco. Do away with the cigarettes. This will not only keep your health but your neighbor’s too and generally will move the country to better development. The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare and other line ministries should spear head this fight! The UN should only find us there.

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