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Media is the very source of mass communication. It is the main thing of mass communication. Media plays the most informative role in our society with various forms like traditional media and the internet. Through the media, you get to know what is going on in and around them. You get information about what is trending. The media operates daily and objectively, so, the this makes the media a trustable source of information which is to profit all. Despite the fact that the media nowadays is very questionable – in ethics, purpose and ways of disseminating information, this should not kill the real reason why media should operate.

The intention of introduction of a comprehensive media curriculum for primary and secondary schools which was to improve media literacy and ability to educate the public with accurate information sounds good because one of the reasons for media is to provide accurate information to the public. However, “to play its role effectively, the media must see itself as instrumental to ensuring and improving the quality of life in society.” This is according to Mr. Chinje, who served as an adviser to the government of South Sudan on its strategic, development and international communications.”

As a country whose general development is still young and apparently appears to be slowly developing even the media, we still need to iron our wrinkles of the folds in the creased media space of South Sudan. The radio is the most common media outlet in the country whose effectiveness has been appreciated. However, the country should invest also in developing the other side of broadcast which is TV and print. So far, the social media bit is independently advancing without much need of government intervention.

Research states that the mass media in South Sudan is underdeveloped compared to many other countries, including in EAC. In our country, journalists continue to face severe restrictions in gathering and sharing information. What the government also can do in addition to introducing this important study, it is equally relevant to show these young people how it will ensure that the role and effectiveness of the media is known to them.


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