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In differentiating one’s pronouncements from daydreaming, it’s inappropriate to wake up a moment to taint an individual, institution or government, corrupt without evidence. Dr. Barnaba Maria Benjamin is right to be loud and clear, on this matter.

Corruption is a difficult concept to define. A proper definition requires a multi-dimensional approach.

However, Niccolo Machiavelli, one of the architects of modern politics, defined corruption as the decline of virtue among political officials and the citizenry.

Corruption is a form of dishonest behavior that has a big impact on everyone. It occurs when an entrusted entity abuses a position of power for individual benefit.

Over the time, several analysts have derived varied definitions of corruption under different schools of thought, categories and dimensions, with a single underlying outcome of depriving the citizenry.

Before deliberating on the ills of corruption on society, let’s peep at the outcomes on an individual or institution misconstrued or labeled to corrupt yet there is no substantial supporting evidence.

Remember, once encoded, wrong information can never be de-encoded from human mind, hence, misrepresentation of an individual as being corrupt, lasts a lifetime in the public domain even when later proven not true. Therefore, think twice before hacking the reputation or your neighbor or leader, with your sharp tongue.

But once warned, that doesn’t mean this secretive scourge exists not, in our society, as the Holy Bible puts that all have fallen short of the glory of God, implying man has become a corrupt being due to ego.

There are many examples of corruption in the real world. These may include individuals or organizations, whether that entails corporations or governments. Many often go undetected because the behavior is well hidden or because it goes undetected.

This vice comes in many forms including bribes, double-dealing, and fraud by individuals, businesses, and governments. It exerts a big impact on people’s social and financial well-being, such as threatening the foundations of democracy, leading people to lose trust in leaders.

Political corruption also occurs when a party takes on a more invasive and pervasive role over others.

Political corruption reveals itself in the form of nepotism, bribery, lobbying, embezzlement, and cronyism. For instance, a government official may use their power and influence to grant family members high-ranking positions. In other cases, officials may try to sway election results or harm opponents to hold onto power.

On the other hand, corruption can increase criminal activity and organized crime in the community when left unchecked but there are possible steps that can be taken to prevent corruption or manage it.

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