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Coincident is no sufficient a word to view what Pope Francis has done. Analysts would substantiate it as a deliberate ember to conciliate South Sudan with a gift of a Cardinal for its independence anniversary.

On 9th July 2011, South Sudan attained independence from the Khartoum government of Sudan, twelve years down the path, Pope Francis; the head of the Catholic Church in Rome detaches Juba’s from Khartoum.

Pope Francis on Sunday’s “Angelus” prayer at St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, announced the creation of 21 cardinals, Archbishop Ameyu happens to be one for Juba, South Sudan. What a choice of the day!

Though, the 21 shepherds of God are expected to be made cardinals, at “a consistory” on 30th September this year in the Vatican that does not obscure our vision to see beyond the visible.

The Pontiff has recently been interacting with us here in Juba. The pastoral visit could have given the Pope a feeling that South Sudan is ripe for a total administration than keeping a string with Khartoum.

Of cause, a pontifical decision is never reached overnight but the helm of the Catholic Church in Juba required a seasoned driver to steer South Sudan through the political transition for peaceful results.

According to the Vatican news agency, three African men of God were part of 21 catholic bishops who have been promoted to the rank of cardinal by the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has always send messages of peace to the people of South Sudan and choosing the 12th Independence anniversary to announce the cardinals was an appeal to wish the new nation well.

Hard late father Saturlino Ohure lived till today, given the opportunity, he would have accepted the nomination although he rejected to be the first South Sudanese bishop.

Fr. Saturlino who in his own words, did not want to be “a leader of slaves” had demanded the papal first liberates his people. He would be smiling, and he is, because his people are free and liberated.

The designation of a cardinal for Juba on the same date of independence of South Sudan is liberation in its own way.


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