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SPLM-IO opens Kajo-Keji county secretariat

By William Madouk

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) launched its party secretariat in Kajokeji County of Central Equatoria State yesterday.

Senior SPLM/A-IO member at the political bureau, Mr. Matata Frank, who is also the party chief whip at the Council of States, led the launch.

Mr. Matata was accompanied by other senior party members from Juba, as delegated by the blue party’s chairman, Dr. Riek Machar.

The launch of county secretariat at Kaji-keji was the second for the SPLM-IO to tighten its hold in Central Equatoria State ahead of the anticipated 2024 elections.

During the occasion, Mr. Frank said that the SPLM-IO party has transformed into a political movement in order to change citizens’ lives to live prosperous and progressive lives.

“Today we have officially transformed our branch in Kajo-Keji into a political party. It is because of the love of our people—the struggle for a good life that we want our people to enjoy,” Frank said.

He claimed that SPLM-IO has many supporters in Kajo-Keji County, but due to the shrinking political space, many fear joining. He further implores fans to shun fear and join the blue party in their quest for change.

“Today, please, I urge all of you not to fear; we are here! The political space is opening up; come out openly to register with the party,” he added. “Be proud of your party; your party is the only way to prosperity and progress.”

Mr. Frank said the opening of the county secretariat is a good gesture towards improved political tolerance and civic space.

SPLM-IO CES sectary-general, David Lisi, said “today is actually a historical day, because out of 79 counties in the country, Kajokeji County becomes the first to open a country secretariat.”

“We have freedom now; the peace agreement has given us a mandate to talk to our people so that people can choose which party they can support,” Mr. Lisi added.

While the Kaj-Kkeji county commissioner, Panuel Dumo, who is also an SPLM-IO member, said he is over the moon to see that South Sudan has become a multi-party nation,

“It is not easy to reach this level; it is a long and very painful one,” Commissioner Dumo said.

He added that the SPLM-IO party secretariat will play a vital role in coordinating the party’s activities in the county, down to payams and bomas.

Mr. Dumos said the secretariat would also handle the party’s activities, such as training and membership registration exercises.

While Mary Gala, a member of the SPLM-IO, expressed her happiness, citing that the blue party is for all and would bring unity, prosperity, and love among South Sudanese nationwide.

“This is a clear indication to show our symbol and love for our people. As you can see, this colour is showing the sign of unity among South Sudanese,” she said.

In July 2023, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) launched its party secretariat in Upper Nile State, Malakal.

The blue party has been busy launching its state secretariat all over the ten states of South Sudan this year in a bid to get supporters for the upcoming elections, but opening a county secretariat in Kajokeji was the first of its kind.

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