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By forming a joint committee involving Water Tankers Association and South Sudan Urban Water Corporation, Central Equatoria State government has now taken the right step.

This is something that would have been done in the first place, before passing through tribulations and citizens throwing their animosity on the acting mayor.

It all started in May, when water tank operators attempted to hike prices but the then-city mayor objected. He cited the current biting economic upheaval as a reason not to accept the plight of the water suppliers.

Before the dust settled, the acting mayor, on enthronement, came with a price increment as if we have experienced harvesting season and the economic crisis is gone.

The mess did not only angered citizens but also aroused bitterness toward water tank operators to the extent of spelling doom.

Had it not been for the intervention of the national minister of water and irrigation, there would be an outrageous public reaction.

As much of the drama took place when the state governor was away for official duty, his ardent decision to address the matter through a joint committee is therefore a prudent approach.

Water is life, denial of it is equivocal to denying one an opportunity to live, hence, Juba city residents inherently need the supply flowing but at an affordable cost for all.

Likewise, the tank operators are doing wonderful work to avail us of this commodity of necessity. They spend money to fuel and servicing the vehicles as well as wear and tear of the machines. Besides, they are subjected to taxes.

Above all, let’s value the human aspect of the transaction; the consumers, who are of varied income status, should be taken as a priority and a humane approach of the trader adds to bring about mutual understanding, not animosity between the two.

A business of any kind thrives on mutual relationship between the client and the trader of which the buyer is a king or a queen.

However, it was not objective to deny water to the “King or Queen” over failure to fulfill a thirst for an additive cash.

Dialogue is a master key.






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