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Unclean slaughterhouses in Juba, shutdown

By Gladys Fred Kole

Central Equatoria State Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries, and Tourism has temporarily closed all unclean slaughterhouses in Juba City and its surrounding areas.

Minister Alex Lotiyu Elias issued an order on July 24, 2023, follows complaints from the state butchers’ union about smuggling of cattle, absence of security and veterinary doctors.

According to the Minister, the order was formed by recommendations of a committee on inspection of the slaughterhouses and slabs.

Latiyu said in the order that the closure of the slaughterhouses aimed at safeguarding the health of citizens from unsafe meat slaughtered in dirty places.

The newly launched Gudele II Central Slaughterhouse was given an exception to the order.

Early this month, Mr. Lotiyu held a meeting with a delegation of cattle herders from Warrap State headed by Mr. John Malek Akot and the Central Equatoria State Butchers’ Union headed by Mr. Peter Ladu Bero.

The two delegations reportedly briefed the Minister on the ongoing smuggling of cattle from other states to the main market in Juba by cattle thieves across the country.

They also stressed their concern over the absence of security and veterinary doctors at roadblocks and checkpoints to deter such theft cases.

The butchers’ union also informed the minister on transportation of meat in Rickshaws and many dirty means of meat transportation to other markets.

Butchers’ union stated that citizens were not aware of the sources of some meat in the markets.

In the meeting, the two delegations requested the state Ministry of animal resources’ intervention to resolve the concerns.

They urged the ministry to provide transport, security, and veterinary doctors at checkpoints and slaughter grounds to avoid infections from zoonotic diseases.


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