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The recent passage of the fiscal year 2023/2024 budget by parliament came with showdown from opposition lawmakers who staged protests by walking out of the parliament, citing displeasures with the way; the budget was presented for passage.

The opposition MPs representing (SPLM-IO and section of SSOA) advocated for 600% increment of the salary for both civil servants, and the military officers.

However, MPs representing the incumbent government tooled the idea down by trimming the budget to 400% salary increment.

All these happened after the Minister of Finance, raised concerns over 600% salary increment with argument that public reserve doesn’t support or lacks cash if it is passed.

Opposition MPs tried to legitimize their standby raising the deplorable living conditions of citizens as a result of the economic crisis which have sapped their purchasing power. They tried to push for civil servants and army officers’ welfares by calling for 600% salary increment. But also ideally, they just wanted to grab political capital to win public sympathy by headlining the walk out during the budget passage.

The parliamentary majority SPLM-IG members pushed the passage forward despite walk out by the opposition MPs. This owed to party loyalty and appointing authority which outweighed support for good idea and incentive in nation’s interest. Even if a good bill package is presented before parliamentarians by whoever is concerned, majority leverage by a party cannot allow it through to be passed if the majority party is against it.

The culture of politics in this country is not all about supporting good course, even if being championed by opponents, but allegiances along patronages.

In a matured political setting, the budget passage would have come as a result of negotiations by lawmakers from all sides, including executive in which interests of all sides, including government employees are taken care of, properly.

The salary increment for civil servants and military officers’ carries rational, and justification given the poor performance of the economy. Majority of government employees are poorly paid, and they don’t receive the little on time.

God bless South Sudan

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