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It is found that now days, some medical professionals are involved in committing homicide in South Sudan which is not a reputable move.

Health professionals such as doctors, clinical officers and nurses are supposed to be the ones giving advice on dangers of abortion to ladies under 18 years and above when entangled in a situation of pregnancy.

However, this is only applicable when the very individual professional is not the character behind the pregnancy, but our society seems to have fallen into decadency.

Last year, there was this gossip that a doctor was caught sleeping with a patient in one of the hospitals within the city; but details were scanty for media coverage. The fear was the tarnishing the image of the entire country, so, it was left to pass under carpet.

However, as it is now becoming a practice for professional to sidetrack with no serious measures taken upon them, the trend is likely expanding.

Yesterday, a 23-year-old girl, in tears, wrote a letter of her plight, seeking for Justice through No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper vol.4, issue No: 953 dated 21st August Monday.

A clinical officer, this time, is one under spectrum for prescribing drugs for abortion after impregnating the unsuspecting soul under the pretext of marriage.

An officer working in government institutions in Juba, who also operates a private clinic in the city, is the one advising a girl who is carrying his unborn baby to abort. All the promises of marring her and now taking care of her become something understandably a nightmare.

A clinical officer going ahead prescribing medicine such as ciprofloxacin, Metro so that the girl can conduct an abortion is unfortunate to qualify for life saver than a murderer.

Also taking the girl’s quote “then you take those drugs, and you will be free if you are not ready “you wanted solutions right”; It is very outlandish for such a big man to keep advising young girls to do such, yet he was the reason for her pregnancy.

The question is, if this is clinical officer advising a young girl he impregnated, how many young girls might have lost their lives in the hands of this monster or during his duty in the hospital?

How many souls he might have sent to the graves from his clinic or from the hospital? Is he a specialist in abortion?

This clinical officer needs to be brought to answer for his act, taking the case of the 23-year-old girl specimen for further investigations. This man doesn’t befit a health professional worth practicing; assuming that this lady shallow what was prescribed, and she died who would be responsible?

Ladies of today are being deceived by such men of working class in the country in the course of material love without knowing properly who these men are. Do not fall in love with a man who you only meet once in the church, hospitals or while working for an organization.

Relationship entails taking your own time to investigate the kind of a man who you are falling in love with, be principled and give at least 3-5 years to check on him otherwise you will not know who the devil he is.

I appeal to the government of South Sudan, the ministry of justice to take serious consideration over such issues in the country. This kind of a medical officer should either be arrested or ban from practicing.

Also, the civil societies should follow up on any complaint of this kind.

God Bless South Sudan

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