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By Agoku Christine Taban (Guest Writer)

In recent months, political parties, civil society organizations, international communities and other bodies have added their voices to the urge for the transitional government to expedite the implementation of the peace roadmap and ensure necessary policies are well-laid for the conduct of a successful 2024 election.

The ongoing political rallies and seemingly the start of campaigns enable political parties to publicly present their manifestos, preparing for the first democratic election exercise which is expected next year.

In my observation, men have dominated the rallies and quiet campaigns, this has led to misperceptions about why women leaders haven’t appeared on any platform for their political motives or campaigns. Citizens have started asking questions among themselves.

Is it because there is doubt whether the election exercise will take place or not? Or women are still assessing the political environment for the conduct of the 2024 election exercise? Are they questioning whether it is conducive for participation?

Women should stop doubts and claim their constitutional and fundamental rights to participate in political dance to ensure that 35% affirmative action becomes real at all levels.

There are women leaders in South Sudan with brilliant political ideologies and influential views, making them very influential and capable of addressing developmental issues. As gender equality champions or ambassadors, it is crucial to support these potential women leaders, who can achieve 35% actionable growth at all levels.

Let’s throw our fishing nets earlier in this political game so that we can catch a high number of fish in the river and start engaging in the process early like others with the purpose of being on the same track.

Women have a high chance of driving peaceful democracy in the country if given the opportunity, as they are peacebuilders and can influence their children’s productive actions.

Mothers are often the primary caregivers and given that youths are often used negatively for political interests; it is very simple for women to easily influence their children (Youth) to do something productive for this country.

Women should take this important exercise seriously and take part fully. Let’s keep our sisterhood belt very tight to each other in order for us to make it successful because women are the foundation of every Nation.




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