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Parliament and ministry of justice embroils ensuing on Tuesday, over production and printing of copies of the interim national constitutional for members of the August House was an insight for the oversight body.

So, up to this day, the national Assembly operated without printed copies of the interim national constitution, which was supposedly is to guide the policy makers like map for desert travers or a compass for sea sailors.

In summary, it’s simply “an oversight of the oversight.”

It’s a melodrama that the sea captain slithered the ship offshore without hold of a compass.

In the long exchanges, the point, at unstable ground, rested upon ministry of Justice, though with no probable probability as reliance was also placed on partners, a situation that raises likelihood of the unfortunate.

What next, now that the expected partners never surfaced and the vital documents not printed?

Ministry of justice is at no fault for the failure since no fix allocation was made to the cause but a probability. It was, if the partners chanced to….and they did not…

Procrastination is a fertilizer that boosts growth of failures and a blame game, a den where imps of disunity and adversity breed.

Since ministry of justice has failed to secure funding for the printing of copies of the amended interim constitution, the national Assembly should go back to the drawing board and plan to fix the oversight in supplementary budget.

Of cause, it sounds absurd and more absurd indeed for anyone to think, proposing that the August house diverts Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for printing of copies of the document. That would be a wild thought but that was not in the budget.

Let the Transitional National Assembly find the tool to fix its own oversight.


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