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Residents concerned of garbage

By Ijoo Bosco Modi

Residents of Ingili village in Kilio Boma of Magwi Payam have raised alarm over the reckless open dumping of garbage in their area, exposing them to risks of infection.

Magwi residential areas and markets are choking on uncollected garbage, putting the health of Ingili residents at risk.

A walk along the village neighborhoods is proof that the town is choking on its own garbage being dumped allegedly by traders operating within Magwi’s main market.

The secretary of Ingili, Sub-chief Lam Michael, said several village residents are complaining about the heaps of used and expired medical garbage in their neighborhoods and public places.

They said the contracted Magwi Market garbage collectors company has failed to perform the work accorded to them by the county authority of maintaining the town clean.

Chief Lam claimed that most of the citizens in Ingili suspect the Magwi town business community of transporting that garbage to their range.

He further lamented that the dumped garbage comprises some medical equipment that is being dumped in the late evening hours and at night.

He cited that some local residents are picking up expired drugs, as well as young children collecting disposable hand gloves and condoms for them to play with.

He calls upon the county administration to allocate a place for garbage dumping that should be far from human habitat or, alternatively, burn the waste.

The sub-chief of Ingili village, Onen David Luka, condemns the illegal dumping of garbage in the Ingili residential area, which is posing a high risk of sickness to the local population.

He also stated that the dumping of garbage within their area was illegal and that they were not consulted by the market authorities in Magwi Centre.

“We are not being consulted by the business community nor the market administration; this is not our will. We completely need this act to stop,” said Onen.

He added that those deposed wastes are dangerous to human health, especially for children who do collect them for play.

Mr. Onen urged the county leadership to immediately intervene and take better measures in order to restrict the open dumping of garbage within Ingili residential areas.

Late last year, Okococh Company was contracted to collect garbage and keep Magwi town clean, but for nearly three months now, no truck has been seen ferrying garbage to the side, which was by then Fuka Hillside, for dumping all necessary waste collected from the town.

Okococh Company management could not immediately be reached for comment.

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