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Two abducted children rescued

By Ijoo Bosco


Two children who were abducted in Lowoi Payam, Torit County, by armed men allegedly from Greater Pibor Administrative Area have been recused by community youth.

Authorities said two of the abductors were killed by the youth who went after them.

Lowoi Paramount Chief, Khamis Thomas Okanyi applauded the unity and teamwork of the Payam youth in rescuing innocent children.

“Lowoi is not bad, but yesterday, some criminals came and abducted two of our children. The Monyomiji (community elders) followed their footprint until they rescued the two children and killed two of the abductors,” he said.

The children, aged 7 years, have been reunited with their parents and are currently receiving medical attention at the Khor English Hospital.

The Governor of Eastern Equatorial State, Louis Lobong Lojore was informed about the incident and visited the community upon his return from Juba.

Mr. Okullo Charles, an activist from the Eastern Equatorial State civil society, welcomed the unity and action of the Lowoi Payam youth in rescuing the abducted children.

He highlighted the community’s potential to maintain security across the Payam against such criminal activities.

He condemned the continued abductions taking place across the Payam and some parts of the state by the armed youth from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area.



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