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Tension in Kajo-keji is very high today because the authorities from South Sudan and Uganda did not speed up settling the border issues.

In May Last year, foreign soldiers crossed the border and started killing SSPDF in the country.  What happened last year in Magwi County of the Eastern Equatoria state, South Sudan, bordering Uganda was not good.

Uganda People’s Defense force crossed into South Sudan territory and shot one SSPDF soldier while two others were injured during clashes between the two forces.

The Ugandan Army had entered Owinykibul in Magwi, where the attack happened within the territory of South Sudan at a checkpoint called Chuki (Waligo), just like Ngomoromo.

The Ugandan government should be very clear if there is a hidden agenda that is politically with the government of South Sudan, it should be resolved amicably but not shooting anyhow. A gun is a gun; it can’t differentiate between a soldier and a civilian.

This is not the first time for the Ugandan army to encroach into South Sudan territory. The attacks occur almost every year, indicating that there is something they are looking for in South Sudan, and in all their attacks they always kill.

The other issues might be connected to politicians from the two countries trying to joke, which is not healthy.

The border issue is supposed to be handled at the national level. The county and the state have given the information to the national government to take charge.

The issue at the national border between the neighboring countries, if it continues, one day, it will escalate into an invasion. It’s a matter of counting down on their attacks; otherwise, one day it will raise tension.

How come the UPDF keeps attacking all the time and the South Sudan defense forces are keeping quiet, if it is not a political issue, what is the work of the army in South Sudan?

The government is all quiet on the issue and cannot reveal anything concerning the attacks but the one within is very easy to speak, which is not good. Otherwise, if these were South Sudanese forces entering Uganda the news that would have been written against South Sudanese forces would be so sad.

I urge the South Sudan government to speedily respond to solve the disputes in time with the UPDF Soldiers since the situation is tense in the area and civilians are panicking.

The national government should ensure strong security to maintain the border issues and create relationships with the neighboring countries to reduce the issues of grabbing land across the country.

It seems the UPDF has created barracks within South Sudan’s territory.

I ask the Ugandan government to withdraw from South Sudan’s territories and keep peace. Everyone should be committed to its border.

I urge the Ugandan government to learn how to solve issues amicably rather than just opening gunfire across a territory that does not belong to them. It is a very bad act.

What has been seen all these years, also know that this site does not have wood but also has what you hold, only that Uganda and South Sudan have a good relationship and there is no need to spoil it in terms of business, politics and economic development.

So, we need to be peaceful in every aspect, otherwise, when the relationship is spoilt, it will be very difficult for all of us.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!



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