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Cirisio boosts Kajo-Keji education sector

By William Madouk

Central Equatoria State Minister of General Education, Cirisio Zacharia, issued a ministerial order restructuring and deploying career teachers to the Kajo-Keji County Education Office.

In his ministerial order seen by this outlet, Cirisio appointed five staff to the county education office.

The ministerial order came into effect on Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

In the order, Mr. Cirisio appointed James Bugga Moini as the County Education Director for Kajo-Keji, and Mr. Bojo Yeremaya has been appointed as the Deputy Director for Administration and Finance.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kiden Hellen Wani is designated as the Deputy Director for Planning and Budgeting, and Benjamin Wani Apollo is selected as an advisor in the County Education Office.

Mr. Raymond Mule Kenyi was also appointed as Chief Inspector of Schools.

In April, Minister Cirisio said there is a need to have more government schools in the state.

He said expanding schools will help more children benefit from the government’s initiative of free primary education (FPE).

Mr. Cirisio admitted that the state is currently facing a serious dearth of infrastructure in the education sector.

“The plan was to have a government school in every demarcated block,” Zachariah said.

The minister said he had a memo presented to the cabinet to identify areas to establish these schools, especially in the highly populated blocks like Munuki and Gumbo.

“As a state government, we are trying our level best to initiate this, and we are working in collaboration with the city council and the various committees to obtain open spaces,” he said.


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