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Disband Gumbo, Lologo gang camps

By Kiden Stela Mandela


The government must institute an action plan to dislodge Gumbo and Lologo gang-infested areas which continue to lead to merciless attacks on citizens in Juba.

Moreover, perpetrators of crimes in these areas are young people and youth between 14-30 years, who could lead meaningful lives and contribute positively to the country.

To the dismay of most citizens, these pillars of our nation have broken down at an earlier age and taken to committing atrocities against their countrymen and women.

Gravely disturbing, they torture communities in Juba city, which houses all the national government leaders and institutions of this country, including that of security and law enforcement.

Unfortunately, these gangs in different groups are armed with machetes while others reportedly move with rifles and pistols, threatening the lives of innocent citizens.

Several city residents have suffered severe bodily injuries inflicted upon them by these notorious gang groups.  Some regained their lives from near death while others have remained deformed and disabled, let alone loss of valuable property.

Just imagine cutting a human being with a panga or being shot over your own property. What does it mean? Above all, nothing is done to the gang; neither the army nor local authorities care to take steps to arrest them.

It’s really bad practice in the country if the government and the parents of the gang members do not intervene early, South Sudan won’t have feature leaders.

Citizens have witnessed their children, relatives, and husbands while hustling, fall unfortunately into the hands of gangs, who intentionally terminate their lives. Some of the victims lost their motorcycles to the gangs who are using the power of illegal weapons.

The questions that ring in the minds of the citizens are; how do the gangs get money to buy guns? What qualifies one to have a gun and for what purposes in this country? What is the law saying about individuals moving with guns in the country? Who is entitled to move with guns 24 hours in the country? If not the security forces, alone, then it is better for the government to provide every citizen with a gun for the protection of property and human lives because these days the rise of gangs is more than the authority in the country.

Sometimes these gang members are arrested and within the shortest time they are released without trial and that’s why they continue to harm citizens in the country.

In Juba, nowadays it is very difficult to move even during the day due to fear. Citizens stay as if it is not their country to enjoy all their rights. On June 18, 2017, President Kiir issued an order against the robbers that instructed the joint police units to shoot robbers to death.

He also urged the police to provide security and protection to the citizens, but now I really don’t know whether the orders are dissolved, that’s why the rate of violence is increasing or what.

I appeal to the government of South Sudan to put more effort into protecting citizens and their properties as well as to arrest these so-called gangs to face the law.

If the government could open up military schools so that whoever becomes a gang immediately will be arrested and enrolled in the military class and be disciplined, the better.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!





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